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When you going to organise a re-union?


We should have a page entitled "Tall Stories" I could tell a few which
nobody would believe, even though they are 100% true. Like the one with
the breakfast at Spies Hotel with Bobby, Chris Lee and a few other guys.
I miss the old days when I was young and getting lots of laughs, btw. we met up with Roger Kiesa a couple of years ago. He hasn´t  changed at all, but he does dye his hair.. ...and his eyebrows!


Rod Wilkins 29.02.2008   


Alan, working hard for this site


I still have ALL the original photographs from IDEA 1970- 1988. The original handbook of the clubs (14 countries) names, addresses etc of all the venues. And, a very dog eared handbook of every single DJ that ever worked through IDEA, with their then latest telephone number pencilled in. More than 1000 DJ's had a contract through IDEA.

Alan Lawrie 01.03.2008   


Old jocks don’t die… they just re-invent themselves…


A bit about myself; I worked with IDEA from 75 to 82. Music Director of Radio Basilisk 83 to 04. Moved over to MCC-Media (TV Production) in 04 as Head of Audio. For fun, started (in 2000) hosting "After Work Parties" once a week (OSB) for the radio, ran for nearly 5 years. Now I present the "Club Classix" nights in the Atlantis (Basel) playing House, R&B, Funk and Dance Classics. I play lot corporate bashes. I get knackered sometimes, as I’m at the studios 8 till 5 most days!

I get around a bit too… Played in Florida and Turkey (at private party’s), did a gig in Rust, Germany last year and guest of honour was Bill Clinton. Biggest gig; FC Basel homecoming (after winning the double). We had a sound system that covered the whole city center and 80’000 people turned up!

You’ve got to keep up with the times, so when I gig I use a Laptop with "Alcatech" BPM Studio with RCP-2001-B Control and a Maya EX7 8 channel Sound Board, and as back-up a Newmark D2 Director.

Regards, Nick


Nick Schultz  01.03.2008



Great memories on this website!


I am still a full time pro DJ, and still enjoying life. Sue and I bought a house in Spain 5 years ago and I commute between Spain and the UK every week. Sue has lived in Spain now for 3 years and has a full time job running a Cafe Bar. I opened a radio station last March RADIO ATLANTA and we merged with SPECTRUM FM last November and cover from Benidorm to Mojacar. I work for two stations in the UK MAGIC 828 and 99.8 KCFM check out:www.spectrumfmradio.net  www.magic828.co.uk & www.kcfm.co.uk I am just mulling over an offer to jock in Switzerland for 2 months in May and June, I want to go but I am not sure it's Zermatt and my son Andrew who has been a fulltime pro DJ for 8 years now he jocked in Switzerland in Zermatt which is where I have been offered. I went to Zermatt to see him when he was there 3 years ago, it's not the same club I have been offered though. Just had an e mail from the agency pushing me for an answer.



Carl Kingston 10.03.2008


Hi Family!


Well what a treat it is after all these years to be able to speak to you guys again. It's really amazing to look back to Jan. 1977 when it all started for me. I'm sure if it wasn't for Alan Lawrie I wouldn't be where I am today, that's under this damp bridge with my Tesco shopping cart for transport. Just kidding!!

What a great IDEA Alan had and I am so glad for that. I have ended up in Sunny Florida and have been living here for the past 14 years. It really is a wonderful place, I always maintained that life is so much easier when the sun is shining. It was so good to see some familiar faces on the photos on the website. I haven't seen Neil for at least 30 years and he hasn't changed at all, Gulp! Don't worry brother I look just as good. 

It's quite amazing though to think of the different journeys we have had through life, it would be so nice to catch up on some of those stories. If any of you are in the area do let me know it would be very nice to get together. A big thank you to Bobbie for putting this together. My e-mail address is: twflusa@yahoo.com , I get on the computer about once a week. Looking forward to catching up with those of you that might just happen to remember your friendly DJ. Trevor White. Btw. my wife's name is Sue. 

Trevor White 10.03.2008 


Wow!! what a crack that was!


As for stories.....well you were in on some of them, I could easily write a book on the antics that we got up to back then, and on the encounters that I have had with so many of the jocks at that time. I was only with IDEA between 1982 & 1985, after leaving Europa Booking, due to Bobby Webb persuading me too.

I left Denmark in 1985 & went to Britain where I played the week up in Sheffield and the weekends in London. Summer of 1986 I was in Gothenburg, Sweden and then went up to Norway, until the summer of 1988. I was then resident DJ at Studio Valbonne in London´s West End, before going back to fairly long term gigs in Bergen & Stavanger. In 1989 I was back in the smoke for a 5 & a half year residency at XENON in Piccadilly. I then did a summer in Italy before starting up nearly 4 years at Dover Street Wine Bar in Mayfair. I landed in the USA in August of ´97 and I'm still here. I'm based in Ithaca, NY, but play all over the north east, as well as trips to Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Chicago and other places when they come up. I've been on WVBR (radio)now for more than 10 years. I did the weekday morning show from 6 till 10 on Monday to Friday, but it meant having to get up at 4.30am every morning, I stuck it for nearly 3 years, but it did eat into my gigs at night where I earn more money, so I quit that. I now do a show "The Ultimate 80's Show" from 2pm till 5pm every Saturday, that's 7 till 10 your time at the mo, 8 till 11pm when you change your clocks. My website is : www.nickywood.com

best regards Nicky


Nicky Wood 13.03.2008  


Good day Gents..


Great to see so many old "style fossils" on one site… Now you have one more!

I worked in Denmark & Norway 86 – 96,  and am now living in Helsingør, Denmark. I am the owner of Fun Factory (Events, team building & promotions) still travelling the globe, but this time without a comb. Still doing some MC and DJ work in UK / Holland / Spain, but this time the pay is better ! I will dig out some pictures from the locked vault, and decide which to expose, but I can see that I am in good company. Regards to all who I have not seem for many years, and I can inform everyone that "Neandersgaard" in Helsingør, Denmark, finally closed its doors 4 years ago. I believe I was the last pro. jock working there, before local youngsters and then closure. If the walls could talk! By the way it´s now a strip- joint ! My Email address is: nigel@ffi.nu

Good luck with the website.

Very best regards / Med venlig hilsen

D.Nigel Davies


D. Nigel Davis 12.04.2008   


Dear IDEA:


Great job with the internet site, unfortunately I don’t have many photos or much publicity material, as most of my old my stuff disappeared at some point in time. After hanging up my microphone and records in 1978, I became Director of the Blow-Up Club, in Luxembourg, until 1983.  Opened up own day time Disc Club. Then spent 13 years with an American company (Computer Land), travelling the World. In 1996, I joined my wife´s family to run a company we purchased and then create three new business’s, Coffee and Italian foods and wines importing and distribution. Would be very happy to hear from anybody that remembers me.

All the best



Paul Marshall 15.04.2008 


Great site ...Love it...


Who am I? BOB CHRISTY remember me? Yep, I have some photos and a few stories to tell. Currently in Luxembourg (last 25 years) with a voice going out on a TV program touching a potential 430 million people... Honest!

Nice one buddy,



Bob Christy19.04.2008


Andy, our man in Luxembourg....


Boy are you doing a great job, all these memories flooding back ! As soon as I get some free time I will be in contact to update you on what I am up to, but as you know I am always running around, but I will get to it ...

Great job.


Andy Hayward 02.05.2008 


Stevie Gordon, still going strong!


Last year, those of us who were on Radio Caroline in the 1970's met for a reunion in London, and now the IDEA site has appeared. My past is coming back to haunt me! I am still appearing on a floating radio station www.radioseagull.com . At this time, my shows are 01-03 CET (midnight to two UK time) every Tuesday and Thursday, plus Sunday Early Breakfast 05-07 which is 04-06 in the UK. In the old days of course, we were still gigging from the night before at 4am. Best regards from Norway. IDEA sent me here in 1973 and I liked it so much, after a lot of travelling, I came back. Your mails are welcome jingles@online.no from any of you who may remember me. By the way, does anybody know what happened to Tommy Kaye?

Stevie Gordon

Stevie Gordon 16.05.2008 


What a great website -dedicated to some unbeatable times and memories


My life with IDEA began in 1971 at Karavellen in Aahus DK (20:00-05:00 every day!), and later to Fredrikhavner Kroen, Inn Club Herning, Esbjerg, Lillehamer, Porsgrunn, Camelot, Fredriksund, Hotel Vic, Larvik, for ages at Uptown at Hotel Fregatten, Kristiansand, and Smugglers, Bussum Holland. There were loads more places in Norway and Denmark. Too many to remember! As far as old mates go we saw lovely Trevor White in Orlando a few years back. Pip Hammond works for SAA (South African Airways) at Heathrow. Richard White was with John West´s  Sunfly Karaoke a few years back. Pete Alexander and I met up a some years back. We were in the same class at primary school, but only met up at Uptown, Kristiansand. He was arriving as I was moving on. A chance conversation about home revealed the stunning coincidence! Until recently Roger Pensom and Honey Bee Benson, ran a holiday chalet business in Greece. Tony Gillham still does a show on BBC local radio. We both had daily shows on BBC Radio Beds. and had gardens that backed onto each other. After coming home and a name change to Gavin McCoy, I broke into radio and was at 210 FM, VOP Israel, Beacon Radio, Essex FM, Dream 100, KFM Kent, Great North Radio, Capital Gold, Radio Kuwait. I guess my biggest claim to fame might be Radio One as the voice of Sid the manager and Gervaise the Hairdresser on Steve Wrights show. Today I'm the Program me Controller of Smooth Radio, London. My Norwegian wife Ingrid, 18 year old son Jamie and I live near Abingdon, Oxfordshire. A quick look at Google will fill in a few more blanks. Looking around the website there are so many great names that came flooding back. Here's to you Alan for giving us all a very lucky break and a ton of fun. Love to hear from anyone from the good old days.


Gav McCoy (Formerly known as Steve Cooper)

Steve Cooper / Gav McCoy 17.05.2008    


Mike Hayes says hello.....


After my IDA days 1967, I worked in discos in Berlin, The Big Eden, and then in the Netherlands where I've stayed ever since. In 1969 I turned down a job on Radio North Sea having decided to go into computers. A wise decision in hindsight. A brief spell on the Internet Radio Caroline a couple of years ago is the only radio work since. I have, however, had small parts in a couple of soaps, TV mini-series and films. These days I share my time between Amsterdam and our house in France. Below you can see my sites and products. I had given Hans Knot's report readers a special discount which I'd like to offer your readers this is the link:

http://www.mike-hayes.nl/knot/  The music and radio pages may be of interest. Good luck with the site. If I can contribute anything let me know.


Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes 22.05.2008



Greetings from DJ Johnny Squires- IDEA jock from 1975


1975 Black Bess Luxembourg (Not through IDEA - But DJ Bob Stewart Radio Luxembourg) - Sorry Golly
Many thanks to ex-IDEA DJ Jean-Claude "Pussy" in Luxembourg for a phone call to Alan Lawrie IDEA in Copenhagen
A phone call that changed my life forever......................
1975 August IDEA Switzerland Ascona my first IDEA Booking
1976 Royal Bugatti Luxembourg - Lovely Lady Madame Robert - Hi Bob Christie! How are you?
1977 December Bodø Norway ..................WOW!! First time (and last!!!) pissed on moonshine!
Thank you my friend DJ Tony Walton for covering for me the first 2 nights while I drove from Bergen over the mountains with summer tyres!
1984 Headhunted by John Grant Nor Business DK - Thanks John for the breaks and the great bookings.
Various gigs through Scandinavia and Europe after that for various agents. 1988 teamed up with Alan Lawrie again. A reunion that set about making a new life for me, -Thank you Alan!
Still get gigs through IDEA NORWAY - Steve Redman - Cheers!
High end DJ and Karaoke Show (SUNFLY Rules! - Thank you John West - a real friend!! A real diamond!!)
Mobile with Pro BOSE and JBL sound systems - 3 rigs up to 8k. Also Music programming in bars, pubs, restaurants, ROWE AMI Jukeboxes, Pooltables, Quiz machines.
My kindest and warmest regards to all!
Johnny Squires AKA Johnny Talbot
SKYPE: johnnytalbot
Mobile +47 94267621

Johnny Squires 28.05.2008 


Ian, our man in Dubai


Please add me to the list, been working in the Oil & Gas industry since 1980, pretty much worldwide, now based in Dubai and a director of a public listed company, building offshore drilling platforms. Sadly, John Heath died last year in Kristiansand, Norway of a heart attack.

Best Regards,

Ian Anderson (+971 50 646 3350) -Business Development Director -Maritime Industrial Services Co. Ltd. (MIS)-Sharjah Port Khalid, United Arab Emirates-Tlf.+971 6 528 5345

Email: ianderson@mis.ae /website: www.miscoltd.com


Ian Anderson 02.06.2008 


Nice one with the website


It’s a shame the business is not the same as the good old days that so many older IDEA jocks remember so well. IDEA still has a few of the older guys working, Tony Clarke, Jonny Talbot, Peter John. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a spring chicken when it comes to them lot, so most of their stories get lost on me, but it’s always fun to hear them. Anyway, keep up the good work with the site and if I can help with anything, please let me know. I found some old issues of Grapevine a few months ago, I will see if I can dig some of them out for you.

All the best,

Steve Redman

IDEA International

Postboks 36, 2401, Elverum, Norway, 0047 62410804, Mob: 0047 48007175, Fax: 0047 62400938

 www.idea.no, steve@idea.no


Steve Redman 02.06.2008 


Happy Night Club, Basel


We had a Happy Night Party on a ship on the Rhine last Friday night, (about 400 turned up).

Remember Peter Sattler, The boss at Happy Night? For all the jocks who played the Happy Night!




Nick Schulz 31.05.2008


A word from Martin the Waxman......


Well it all began in late 1977, when I took the boat from Newcastle to Kristiansand, a trip not recommended in the middle of winter.
I went up to Trondheim to visit some relatives of my father, and earn some cash doing the odd gig or two. It was April 1978, and one evening I went to the "
Hawk Club", where Paul" bootz the boogieman" Rae was behind the decks spinning some funky tunes. We hit it off straight away, I don´ t know if  the reason was that one of my cousins up there was a real tea leaf, or that he had no one else to hang out with; anyway after getting everything we wanted,  mostly, sunglasses it came to the end of the month, and Paul was off to Denmark. Unfortunately, his car wasn´t, as it was still in the garage getting bits of metal removed from the engine. Being the person I am, I said, "don't worry, I will drive it down for you", even though I only had a UK provisional license. I thought, if the old bill pull me over, I will explain that the word provisional, actually means professional. Together with his girlfriend Nina, off we went to Denmark, arriving a little late, due to my passenger filling the car up in Sweden with diesel! We were broke and going nowhere, I think we lived off re-used tea bags & eggy bread for a couple of weeks, although there was a freezer full of grub downstairs but this fuck off Alsatian dog seemed to be guarding it around the clock.

Alan needed a DJ to work a couple of weekends in "Limelight
", so I jumped into booty's Mini & away I went. I did a weekend or two there, after which Alan asked if I wanted to do a month for him (great salesman, could offer you the worst gig in the World, and you would end up thanking him!)..........Mind you he did say "treat it like a holiday". The 1st of June I arrived at " Lumsås Hotel" !!.... Say no more.

I returned to "
Limelight" for most of that year, it was great! On Thursday nights, everybody got there social money, so when they wanted me to play a request, then it was "mine´s a jaegermiester" This went on all night until Jakob, the barman, found me fast asleep on the floor of the toilet. In his broken English, I will never forget him saying, "No, no, no, no, you can't sleep here .......the record stopped 10 minutes ago", ........... I told him to wake me up at closing time! I was lucky, I mean, Jakob was a great guy, but not one to upset, as he would take off his wooden clogs and bash you over the head with them.

It was easy to develop a pretty  bad routine there: going to the pub side of "
Limelight" early afternoon, getting pissed, sobering up, going to work, getting pissed again, then going back to the pub for breakfast,....... getting pissed again; and finally, going outside for a few hours sleep on the grass,............... before starting over again! Copenhagen! what a nobble,  my only regret was that I never met up with the Copenhagen DJs until a few years later.

I did a few other gigs in 1978, including "
Bunny Club" in Næstved, and " Kåre John" in Landskrona, Sweden, and then returned to Norway, working all over the Country, for many years, but still made an effort to get some bookings in or around Copenhagen. In 1982, I got a gig at the "Trocadero"in Copenhagen and had a great laugh with IDEA DJs, Graham Bell & Bobby Webb, Graham fixed me a gig in Thailand for IDEA, which i took, he had told the boss of the club that we were long time friends but at the time we had never actually met (Imagine trying to describe a long time mate, when the only information you have is a black & white promo photo.?) Anyway when I arrived at the club in Thailand, they gave me strange looks, as they imagined that I was about the same height as Graham.....and not 6 foot 4".

Bobby Webb really had a knack with the women,...Jocking one night in" Troc", this gorgeous bird comes in and asks for him, when told he wasn´t around, in a very calm & collected manner she says " well would I like a blow job then?" Calmly standing in the jock box, in the middle of the club, halfway through the night getting a BJ----- absolute heaven. Should have been there Bobby! Another night I pulled a bird and got back to her place: there I am giving it my all, l when a voice sounds out from across the hallway from this girl's mother "is that you Bobby", what a put me down.

I also worked a few other places in Denmark, including Børnholm & Helsingør, in the later I met
Ian Johnson aka, "Dr. Disc",in my mind, one of the funniest people I have ever met. His sense of humour was second to none absolutely brilliant.......spur of the moment comments to anybody who was unlucky enough to get in the way. Looking back at the guys I came into contact with during that time, I think what a really great bunch , their doors were always open, and even as a newcomer you were always made to feel welcome.

Thanks for those great memories guys,
Best regards,

Martin Storvik 01.06.2008


Does anybody remember me C.B. ?

I've recently established contact again with Alan Lawrie, my old boss after a gap of 34 years. My name is Chris Baird I was with IDA and later IDEA from the spring of 1971 to the spring of 1974. I would really appreciate if you could include me a long side the hundreds of others who enjoyed being part of the British DJ Invasion to Europe. If you like me to reminisce in more detail then please get in touch.
Best regards
Chris Baird.

Chris Baird 03.06.2008  


Dave Sylvester......


The name Dave Sylvester came about as I was trying to think up a jock name for myself.

The cartoon "Sylvester & Tweedy Pie" was on the television – so "Dave Sylvester" it became. After leaving school I joined the Police force, but left again after about 3 years – and then sort of "stumbled" in to DJ’ing – I started off in a fun-pub on the outskirts of Leicester, a very popular venue, where I learnt the trade from the very basics. Within eight months I had landed a residency at Leicester’s best club, (at the time) the "Adam & Eve". The owner of the fun-pub, was a man called Mick Cooper – sadly he is no longer with us – but he had a massive personality, I recall my audition at the pub, he told me that I was useless, but he saw that I knew what I wanted to do, so he took me under his wing and taught me most of what I needed for the rest of my DJ career. It really wasn’t a conscious decision to be a DJ – but my God – when I did it, it felt good.

In the UK, I found my own work, either applying for, or auditioning in places that I wanted to work. In 1983 I went out to the Middle East –through an agency called "Juliana’s" – they were based on Kensington High Street in Central London – my audition for these guys was at "Club 21" at the Park Lane Hilton – all really exciting stuff. Then In 1984 while taking a break from a year in the Middle East , I saw a small advert in the local paper – it was in the Personal Column – and read: "DJ’s required for overseas work , not summer season" – this meant that it was not Greece, Spain and the like. I called the number, and discovered that I actually knew the guy on the other end of the telephone, as I had worked with him on a pirate radio station, and, after successfully auditioning; I arrived in Norway the following week, and stayed there for five years. The first three years working through IDEA, after which I found my own work, working all over the country until 1989.

I believe that the DJ should play for the audience and not for himself, so I carried around 6000 vinyl records around with me ranging from "Gamle dans" to Englebert Humperdinck, and from "The Clash" to "Level 42". For good measure there was plenty of soul and funk, but the music I preferred to play was from "Earth Wind & Fire", George Benson, Al Jarraeu, " Level 42", Luther Vandross etc.

We were a bunch of guys getting paid to see a fantastic country and to live a little bit of the high life. There may have been some Prima Donnas – but none of us were superstars!

Some of the great jocks at that time were:

Carl de Rome, Gerry Grant, Sean Clark – oh, and ME!!!

David Measey, from Leicester, UK.


Dave Sylvester 05.06.2008 


Great idea (no pun intended)


Just flicking through some of the pictures brought the memories flooding back. I’ll send off some material within the next few days. Glad to see so many people putting a positive spin on the old days, instead of bitching about the agents, who actually did a good job dealing with all those egos.


Tony Armstrong 08.06.2008


Greetings from Carl in Switzerland!

Turn the clock
back 34 years to 1974 when I did my first contract in Norway for Bobby Junior and Bentleys Agency then to IDEA in Denmark in 1975 and nothing has changed! I am having a great time at The Broken Bar Disco in Hotel Post in Zermatt Switzerland working for the High Class Entertainment Agency in Zurich. Contracts are just the same room provided and 3 meals a day working 7 days a week 10p.m. - 3.30a.m..I have a studio apartment and the food is fantastic.


What a difference the internet and mobile phones make, how I wish we had that all those years ago. I have my iPod with me, laptop and Argos player to watch TV and movies that I have recorded in the UK and it's a real home from home now. I bought a special SIM card in the UK, which I can use in Europe and it costs me nothing to receive an incoming call. Also bought a Swiss Orange Sim card as well. I am using Wi-Fi for free in the hotel, but also have my own USB 7MB chipped unlocked USB Modem which gives me the net anywhere as well. How these things would have made our lives better all those years ago!

 Another great thing  is that all my music is on my laptop, I carry two one for backup, plus all my music is backed up on another external hard drive, no heavy boxes to carry! I have had a special flight case made as a broadcast record unit with Yamaha mixer in it plus a Behringher Composer Pro microphone compressor and a Behringher Broadcast Microphone and stand plus laptop with digital editing suite and an ISDN codec installed as well. I am using this to voice track my Magic radio show on Sundays in the UK and for my show 5 days a week in Spain. All this would have seemed impossible all those years ago!

Hope you are well, I have e-mailed Johnny Scott and had a reply and hope to meet up with him in Interlaken when I travel to Basel to work there in July. I am also going to contact Nick Shultz to say hi even though I have never met him. The website looks great by the way and brings back many happy memories.

All the best, Carl

Carl Kingston 08.06.2008  


Bootzy Baby, now RaezoR....

Well, as you can see I’m still alive, but then Alan and Carl knew that (Carl’s round for a brew now & then). I worked on all sides of the record industry, and then started my own company in 2000. As the music business went, basically, up the shitter in 2001 so I decided to take a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (guaranteed work and you see women naked), so I now work as a full-time Nurse (male nurse ya bastard). I still have a music company and release tracks Worldwide.  I am still married after 28 years (always the sucker), have two daughters and two grandchildren.

Attached is the first chapter of what could be a stupid book (it would only sell 3 copies), for the enjoyment of all (hopefully).

The truth, the whole truth and all the bull shit : A DJ on the road by Paul Donald Rae

Okay, so I’d started DJ’ing when I was 10, on mobile discos with my older brother and his mates. It was always a laugh, but never lucrative. At 15 I moved up to nightclubs and played an almost all black funk club. In 1972 that meant a whole lotta James Brown.

After being a copper for a few years I decided to move to Australia, where I spent the most part of 1977 mobile jocking, fixing trains and generally pissing about. So, with copious amounts cash in the bank, I returned to the UK and bought a mobile disco and a 1971 Mini Cooper "S" Mk. 3. The travel bug had really bitten and I thought I’d try my hand in Spain. Lloret del Mar on the Costa Brava was indeed a shithole, but promised large amounts of nubile ladies in the summer season. Sadly, the best offer was £50 a week and I had to find my own accommodation (already sounds like an IDEA gig), so I said no thank you (well I really said something else, as you do after a dozen or so San Miguels).

Back in Blighty I contacted Alan Lawrie, after seeing an advert in a DJ International magazine (I think) in late February 1978. He just said "great, can you start 1st March. Well, I had a big 21st bash planned, so that was out of the question. Right, he said 1st April then? During the next month I spoke with Alan several times and thought he sounded like an amiable sort of chap, oh yes, I had a lot to learn! He told me that I would generally be living in hotels so no, I wouldn’t need towels or bedding or a bed or a cooker or a TV or a pots, pans, lamps etc (things I managed to accumulate in the years to come)!

A few days before the 1st April (which was a Sunday) I was in Denmark, and quite frankly didn’t have too much cash left in my savings account. Alan "kindly" found me a gig on the island of Orø, near Holbæk: I was to find out later that a future friend, Nicky Flavell was jocking in Smøgen that month, which was at the time one of the funkiest clubs in Denmark (well, with Nicky and Primus playing there what could you expect). The next day (Saturday) I drove to Alan's office. I really didn’t know what to make of the place; everything had price tags on them! Now, during the next hour or so and through the next day, I was about to learn a few important things about Alan that would prove to be very helpful later on. The first thing was that he has absolutely no sense of time; the second was that he had no sense of distance. In his office he had an A3 map of Northern Europe. I don’t remember what scale the map was but, I’m guessing it was 1 inch to 100 miles. He said that I was starting in a club called "Hawk Club" in Trondheim and that it wasn’t far. He said that if I set off shortly I would be in Oslo by 11pm; he had a friend there that would put me up for the night and he gave me his address, it was now 4:30pm. Another important thing he said was driving at night, I had to promise him that I wouldn’t drive at night, he wouldn’t tell me why and I thought it to be a weird request but, I agreed not to. He showed me on the map and it was only 3 inches or so, and no mention that there was a ferry to get to Sweden.

I set off from his office at 5pm and I’m not too sure when it was but, I think it was when I saw distance signs for Gothenburg and Oslo, that I started to wonder what kind of car Alan drove. I guessed it had to be a Porsche or a Ferrari to make Oslo in 4 ½ hours from the Swedish side of the ferry. My beloved "S" settled down at 95 mph and I made good time. Problems started when I became hungry and the car needed petrol. I only had Danish Kroner and British Pounds. No matter, a kind Swedish man understood and changed all my Danish Crowns for Swedish ones. I protested that I only wanted to pay for the petrol, but he seemed adamant that what he had done was for the best. Yeah, I know he ripped me off on the exchange rate but, what can a guy in need of petrol do? The "S" played up a bit so I made a pit stop and fixed the problem, precious time I didn’t have. To cap it all it was pissing it down and visibility wasn’t good at 95 mph. I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to make Oslo by 11 pm. I eventually arrived in Oslo at just after midnight, and then I had to find the address! No GPS in 1978. I did find the address but, it was so late everyone had gone to bed, so I drove into the city centre. Within minutes I’d found "Leoparden", the nightclub in Bristol Hotel. Danny Evans was DJ’ing (we can recount adventures with him later), after a short while I thought I’d better find a hotel, so I drove out of the City centre and eventually found a motel on the E6. I awoke early and decided that I’d better get a move on, because if the journey to Trondheim was anything like the one from Copenhagen it would take all day. Alan would probably have said "it’s just up the road"! Just before firing up the "S" for the long journey north I stopped to buy a Coke from a machine. Five kroner! That was 50p! Christ! This country was expensive, little did I know. It was 8 am, a bit misty, and drizzling. So, low cloud cover, what did I care, I had to get to a gig. Wisely, I had purchased a map of Scandinavia and quickly found out that I could save time by using a short cut via Elverum and the RV3 road. Everything went swimmingly until I turned onto the RV3 in Elverum, after a few hundred yards the road stopped and became a dirt track! Now I’d done a bit of rallying (navigating actually) in a specially built Mini Clubman that went like the clappers (130mph and 0-60mph in 5 secs) so I was used to ‘avin’ it a bit hairy, but this was crazy. How was I supposed to maintain 95 mph on winding dirt roads? Luckily, the dirt track became a normal road again after some 30 miles or so, so I made good time. The twin tanks in the "S" allowed for reasonable distances without a petrol stop, and as I’d filled up that morning, I knew I’d make Trondheim before I needed to fill up. Just past Tynset the scenery started to get a tad more mountainous, which was a good thing as I was being to get a bit sick of forest, forest, forest. Then suddenly around a sharp bend the "S" decided to dance on all four tyres. Now, if you’ve ever driven a Min you’ll know that when all four wheel lose traction it pretty much game over, well for a while at least. Yes, jolly campers, it was sheet ice! All those lovely white topped mountains and the crisp morning air hadn’t really meant much until then. Right then, in the split second my small dangly parts were in my throat, it suddenly dawned on me; it was probably still winter this far north. Fairly stupid considering I was quite good at geography at school, perhaps I should have paid a bit more attention when old "fart face" was lecturing on about fjords and the Scandinavian long winters. Luckily, for me, there was little traffic on the roads early on a Sunday. I was to learn later that most Norwegians are heavy weekend drinkers that have very little or no Christian beliefs, and most churches are empty, due to everyone sleeping one off or still in the swing of the Saturday after party. I remember thinking how amazingly narrow the roads were (they aren’t any wider today 30 years later) and wondering if Norway had any dual carriageways or motorways. Just before arriving in Trondheim I found one, a motorway. So, this was Trondheim, as I drove down the hill towards the city centre, I thought finally civilization! I’d driven from Oslo to Trondheim in 5 ¼ hours (if you tried that today you’d probably end up in prison).

My first months contract with IDEA was about to begin.

More adventures later….

Paul Rae

Paul "Bootzy Baby" (now RaezoR) Rae, RaezoR Sharp Music & Publishing, Nertrøa 2 A, 7089 Heimdal, Norway. Mobile UK: +44 (0) 78 74 01 22 22/ Mobile N: +47 93 01 09 99


Paul Rae 11.06.2008  


Andy Hayward update...


Just an update on my "what I am doing now" : City Radio Luxembourg - Founder member, Investor, Board of Directors Associated Sound broadcasting for Luxembourg Founder Member - Board of Directors, CRP.SA Founder member-Investor-Board of Directors, Jamaican Club, Luxembourg (One in Luxembourg and 25 in Italy) Consultant - Advertising and Client relation. Italy On hold at present. Strong relationship with Bang and Olufsen and Harley Davidson Luxembourg

Be in touch soon

Andy Hayward 11.06.2008  


Chris´s early days with the Pink Elephant.....

Here are a few thoughts and memories from my time with IDEA.
The first thing I remember, having just passed my taped audition for IDA, was Alan telling me that he had a gig for me just outside Copenhagen..... It turned out to be "Downtown", a new club in Trondheim, Norway. Such a sense of humor!
Anyway, I got the ferry to Oslo, and on the 1st of May 1971, I drove the hundreds of miles north to Trondheim, the only trouble was, being May Day, every town and village I went through had a parade going through the high street, - with my Corsair 2000E at the end of it! At that time, we poor disco DJ's always had dreams of breaking into radio one day, we were always working on our next demo tape, which was going to be miles better than the previous one. Depending on which gig you got, and the state of the club´s equipment, you knew whether your career was going to move up a notch, or not. In the spring of ´72, Tony Kaye and I were working in Aalborg. I was at the "Galejen Disco", which was all decked out like a pirate ship. Upstairs, there was a sophisticated nightclub for grownups, with fantastic decks and mixer, the trouble was you couldn't get into the club during the daytime to make a demo. Tony and I soon realized that if one of us squeezed into the restaurant´s food elevator, the other one could push the button and send you upstairs. Then the other could bring up his mate! It would be bad enough getting stuck in a normal lift, but the thought of being stuck in a dark, cramped food elevator was really frightening,- but that's just how desperate some of us Jocks were to further our craft and our careers.
Another weird experience was in June 73, at the "Happy Night Club" in Basel, Switzerland. Driving from Copenhagen at 5 AM, driving all day, through to 9 PM, and then going straight on the decks.... now that's what you call youthful energy. "Happy Night" had a fantastic set up, the DJ equipment was situated in the back of an old fifties London taxi, it was brilliant for producing demo's; just had to put cardboard over the open side windows and unplug the clubs speakers, and bingo a DJ Studio !
"Happy Night" was also my first encounter with gays, the sight of men kissing each other was certainly something new for me.
My worst gig had to be the one in Haldon, a small farmer town near Fredrikstad in southern Norway. An upstairs bar / come disco, above a cafeteria. The speakers were buggered. Just a bass rumble. So I turned the bass up full on something funky, and blew what was left in the speakers, resulting in complete silence.. The next day, bingo new speakers! I very nearly didn't get to the gig on the first night, as the hotel where I was staying was actually closed, (but a ghost hotel was of course perfect accommodation for an IDEA jock!!), all was fine, water, electric and the bedding, except when I tried to leave the building, all the doors were locked. Fortunately, I could climb out of the window and over two garden walls with the help of a ladder, to make it to the main road...and my gig! More memories to follow.....
Cheers for now,
Chris Baird.

Chris Baird 15.06.2008


Greg Wilson: British jocks in Scandinavia

Excerpt from DJ History 2005:


Throughout the 70's Scandinavia (and other parts of Europe) were full of English DJ's working for agencies like IDEA and Europa. There was some top drawer DJ's out there, including two whom I had the good fortune to meet while I was working in Norway at a town called Skein. These were Nicky Flavell (from Tring in Herts) and Paul Rae (from Preston), two seasoned 'international DJ's' who really knew their stuff. Nicky would end up as resident at Wigan Pier (on a contract for Bacchus, who installed the sound and lighting at the Pier - Bacchus looked after discotheques worldwide, including those built in the Hilton Hotels). It was through Nicky that I heard about the Pier, and when he went to open the companies new venue in Manchester, which was Legend, I took over the residency at the Pier (Paul Rae joined me as light controller, for a while, before taking over at Legend when Nicky returned abroad). I'd subsequently meet one of Nicky's big mates, another DJ with loads of overseas experience (also a fluent speaker of Danish). This was Londoner, Stevie Knox, later to be known to Radio Invicta listeners as Steve Devonne, a hugely unsung DJ who was a massive influence on Gilles Peterson, amongst others (also one of Sean P's favorite back in the day DJ's). With DJ's of this quality out and about in Scandinavia during the 70's, there was obviously a lot of great black music being played. The clubs were very much a mixed bag, however. The biggest Scandinavian band of the time was a Danish rock group called Gasolin. Clubs that really appreciated Disco, Funk, Soul and Jazz-Funk were few and far between. Oslo had some decent clubs, as did Trondheim, but the best club in Scandinavia at that point in time was Daddy's Dancehall in Copenhagen (where I think both Nicky and Stevie worked). This was somewhere where the crowd was really into black music and DJ's could get away with including the latest US imports at peak time. I was lined-up to work there myself in 1980. After all I'd heard about it, I was really looking forward to spending a couple of months there, but I landed the residency at Wigan Pier while I was in Germany, so I happily returned to the UK instead.

I'll always remember being in a club in Skein where another English DJ was working (Nicky was at a place called 'Hawk', whilst I was at 'Lines', which was a bit ropey to say the least!). Anyway, this DJ was playing the current Disco type stuff, but all of a sudden went into a run of polkas / folk dances, which the audience (all young people) coupled-up to dance to. Nicky and Paul explained to me that this was 'gammeldans', which certain clubs demanded the DJ's played! I'm pretty certain Nicky Flavell would have worked in Oslo. We travelled there from Skein one day and he knew his way around the city, where the record shops were etc. I also seem to recall that we went to the Oslo office of Warner Brothers and picked up some records from there. I know for sure that I returned to Skein with a 'hot off the presses' copy of Chaka Khan's 'I'm Every Woman' that day on a US 7". It's highly likely that Steve Devonne also deejayed in Oslo. BTW to give you an idea of what it was like back then, DJ's worked on monthly contracts, playing at the same venue sometimes 7 nights per week, for between 5-7 hours per night. Not exactly glamorous.

Greg´s website:      www.electrofunkroots.co.uk

Greg´s mail address:greg@electrofunkroots.co.uk


Greg Wilson 16.06.2008  


Hello from Rod James


How frightening to see your site. Anything related to the latter part of the last century can really rock my socks when I thought I'd blocked the whole thing out of my memory. Well, as my name is mentioned I guess I'd better give you my mail address. I must say that your site is very interesting and I am surprised that the big A.L. would even consider listing me although I suppose I was on his books for quite a few years. Thanks for some really interesting reading and I am even more thankful that there are no pictures posted of me. If there is anybody going to the reunion that I know, then I'll be there unless A.L. veto it !!!!!!

All the best
Rod James.



Rod James 22.06.2008


Create your own music, have fun


Turn on your speakers, click on the link below, then click on "cmapm". Create your own music by clicking the buttons, keyboards etc.




Bobbie Webb 24.06.2008   


Andy Francis in Bangkok, Thailand


Bloody Hell, bloody hell, I can't believe it. You've made my day, year, maybe even decade. Many times do I think of those days and have wished I could remember more. Now having been sent this it's all coming back to me. I'm living in Thailand now, a few jocks have come over to see me (I forget their names now) but in the main had forgotten nearly everything that is until I read your site. Let me get myself together and in the next couple of weeks put together a few of my memories (I'm not good on names though) and what I've been doing since those days of beers by the liter and Prince cigarettes.

Send my best to Alan and "Harda Bra" for now Andy


Andy Francis 28.06.2008     


Faster than a bullet, it´s SUPER BIM !

Hi everyone Brian Bollen here, AKA SUPER BIM. Working on sending some info soon, still living in Norway, been here for over thirty years, although during the winter months we live in Portugal just down the road from Mick and Marilyn. One daughter Victoria, 26 years old, AKA "Vickysoul", is in the process of producing her first album, and looking for sponsors & a record contract........ so come on guys and girls someone help!


Love and best wishes still SUPERBIM

Super Bim Bollen 29.06.2008  


Hello from Peter John....


Peter John (Eggleton) here, IDEA from 1988 till 2006 in Germany and Norway. Still living in Norway and working as an electrical engineer for an oil company. But as we all know "jocking" is in our blood and so I still do the odd weekend. My god I can’t believe the line up on the web site ……memories….. most of them bril. and a few dickey ones. Anyway you don’t wanna read my old crap....The reunion.... I´ll be there on the night no matter what. Look forward to it.


Peter John


Peter John Eggleton 03.07.2008     


Hi everyone, even those who do not know who the hell I am!


I'm CARL DE ROME, yep the one with hundreds of promo photos, most of them brought back to haunt me on this website, for those wondering why?… photography was a big thing for me and I use to carry my portable dark room everywhere. I think I have the distinction of being the only DJ ever, in the history of Scandinavia, to be told to by the agents to stop sending in new photos, in those days agents usually had to pester the DJs to have a photo taken. They had to tell me to stop…..I’m still the bloody same today. Look at my website.

I was born in Morecambe, Lancashire, same  town as Mick West, but lived in Blackpool for many years, where I became an entertainer & magician and also DJ´d. I was in fact known as BLACKPOOL´S SECOND BEST DISC JOCKEY, I must have been the second best as everyone else said they were the best, I didn’t want to argue.


WOW. COR BLIMEY..BUGGER ME....that’s what I thought when all of a sudden, out of the blue, I received an e- mail originating from ideajocks@live.com with loads of photos of old jocks from years gone by (me included), I replied to the e- mail, taking a punt it was from a old DJ friend of mine BOBBY (l´ll rub my nose when I want to) WEBB, and sure enough it was….. then, the same night  another mail from two other old farts…sorry mates also made contact with me,  my brilliant mates also from Blackpool, John Butterworth, better known to most DJs as John Stewart and even better known all over Blackpool and the whole of Denmark as "NUTTY BUTTY", and his mate, and mine Mike Best aka. Micki Jon, telling me about the website.


The first Blackpool lad to go overseas was Steve Murby, followed by Micki Jon, while Butty took over his residency, I took over his job in Scamps, then a few weeks later Mr Stewart got the calling from GOD (Alan Lawrie) and quicker than a flash he was also on his way over to Denmark…..Both of these so- called- mates (bastards at the time) were leaving me all on my jacksy working my ass off for the British public for the summer, or that’s what I thought until I got the call from Johnny saying he needed to pop back to the good old UK for something, and he needed a Jock to fill in for him for 2 weeks, (over 32 years later and I’m still here) so off I pop to Denmark, and now Blackpool is really taking over Scandinavia like crazy. Shortly to follow would be Terry Shaw, Tony Walton, and Steve Redman and a few others.Without a car at that time, loads of 45s (remember this was pre 12inch and CDs were a pipe dream away), a case of clothes, and under strict instructions from my two mates not to forget the duty free and lots more extra booze, I took the boat trip over to Denmark. So like a good twat I was, I smuggled about 24 bottles of spirit in a massive packing case my mum had on castors, making sure I did not get caught by the customs.. was easy…..find the customs officer with the most stripes around his arm….Go up to him….tell him you haven’t got a clue what to do next, and he will send you on your way like the good boy you seem to be, lets face it what idiot smuggling loads of stuff is going to ask the chief of the customs what to do?  He he he……

Anyway we had some great parties with all the booze!


I worked all over Denmark and had some great times, I liked KOLDING the best as it was the very first place I worked, a great gig called THE CAVERN CLUB, Butty and Micki Jon also worked there a hell of a lot, the thing we all have the fondest memories of at the Cavern Club has to be the jock room ...and what a room it was. The room had all the mod. cons you could wish for, loads of room to hang coats up, and if we ever ran out of space we just hammered another nail up, next to the last one, the mattress on the floor covered in milk stains….well they looked like milk stains to most people. Every person that entered the room signed their name on the wall, just how any signatures ended up on that wall is anybody’s guess, and if preserved might have been worth a small fortune today. Shame it's all gone years ago, it's now four apartments, if the people who now live there  knew what bonking went on in that place, well they would be shocked, today in Kolding there are quite a few middle aged women walking pass that place every day, with a bloody big grin on their faces. To all these women we have to say thanks for lying down and doing it for Britain.

I moved over to Scandinavia’s Norway the month Elvis died and the Eagles released Hotel California, 1977 for those that have not figured it out, and I've been here ever since still doing a few jocking gigs every so often, playing, yes, you’ve guessed it Elvis and Hotel California.


Around 13 years ago I returned to my first love, Magic, re-launching my Illusion show with a Karaoke show on the side, and wam bam boom…..it's working a dream. , if you want to see more of what my wife Merete and I do in our shows, take a look at our website: www.cdrmagic.com or watch our videos on You Tube:www.youtube.com - just type in Carl de Rome, and check out the Knife and Needle, it's fairly sick!

If any of the old Jocks would like to contact me please do so, I’d love to hear from you, better still lets meet up at the re union next year…hope you hadn’t forgotten about that already! I'm dying to hear from Peter Drake, Sergeant Major (Richard Ford), Garry Robbins & Bobby Zac, in fact anyone from the old days. Does anyone know what happened to that brilliant nutcase Swedish Disc jockey "KLAUS the Mouse" ? also known as the Swinging Swede. Great lad I would love to meet up with him as well.

I'm now urging any old jocks that used to DJ in Scandinavia to get all their details, info, and photos up on this site, and share the memories of the great times we all had. Here is a quick fact….if you look at the promo photo of Mike Best and wonder how the hell he has that great smile on his face; well it's thanks to BUTTY who is mooning his ass at him behind the camera. Still one of my favourite DJ promo photos ever.

Talking of memories, I would like to make a mention on this page to my very good friend Geoff Collins (Geoff Colvin) who unfortunately is no longer with us, as he passed away a few years back. He would have loved this site…..cheers Geoff, really miss you. Bobby Webb, Butty and Micki seem to have surpassed themselves, with this website getting hundreds of hits from all over the world, and the reunion scheduled for next year looking like it's going to be a monster event, with well over 50 jocks that have confirmed they will be participating, I'm not sure if Trevor White, and the likes who are now in the USA, will be able to get over for this, but Christ it would be brilliant if they could attend…If you are one of those wondering whether to come or not, sod it, get it in your calendar now, and come for the reunion of a lifetime. It was the days when we all had fun, had a great time, and took the time to look after each other ,whether we knew each other or not, made new friends in minutes, friendships as it turned out that have lasted a lifetime. We travelled across town after our gig finished (often pissed out of our brains) just to visit another mate who was playing longer into the night than we were, then after the gig finished we would drink up the last dregs from the Tuborg, Hof or Elephant Beer we had in front of us, and wobble down the road to the local bakers at 5 or 6 in the morning for the fresh bread (Rundstykker) butter and shrimp paste. That baker’s smell is one of those smells that you never forget.

Remember the good old days when you were offered a gig from Alan, and you wanted to know if it was a good gig or not???

The conversation with Alan would resemble this:

Jock. Great what’s the gig like?

Agent….well the rooms good!

Jock…great, but what’s the gig like?

Agent….the staff are great you will love them!

Jock…..ok, but what’s the gig like?

Agent….there’s plenty to do in town!

Jock….yes, but what’s the gig like?

Agent…well the rooms good!

Those Jocks reading this with a smile on their face are the reason for this reunion, and I believe we are all in for one hell of a great time, looking forward to seeing you all there, old and new friends.

Finally, a big thank you to Butty, Micki Jon and Bobby Webb for always managing to insert the most embarrassing photos of me they can find, i.e. my Gary Glitter cat suit and some of the others…

Cheers to you all and see you next year,



Carl de Rome 04.07.2008  


Hello from Ray!



Well it is great to see all these old familiar names....if not faces! I saw the light and went back to school, I am now a senior improvement manager for a flight catering company, so a little far removed from the good old days, (however not so far, I am currently in a Hotel room in Oslo)!

I will write and send some photos, I like to look back, and it is the past which has formed the present!


Ray Alex 09.07.2008    


Chris Brookes says hello!


Alan, Well how mad is that? Someone just gave me a tip about your website. I can't remember if we actually met...... I don't think we did, however, a belated BIG BIG THANK YOU for some of the best years of my life. I worked for you for about four years ( late 70's )started in Denmark, over to south Norway, back to Copenhagen (The Blue Bird ) where I shared a hotel with the famous tap dancers The Clark Brothers (mental) stints in Genève ( Club 58 ) and Basel ( Happy Night, where every night was outa' sight).....but most of the time Norway, and I reckon most towns. The first DJ, I ever met there was Richard White who went on to run Touring Motor Hotel in Haugesund. Richard was the only guy I've kept in touch with (and a dear friend) and it was he who told me about the site this morning. He now lives in Thailand and just make a mad trip up to Birmingham to get a visa, from the consulate, so we had lunch and you cropped up......Happy Days!

One of my favorite stories about you is when I eventually quit...or at least tried to. I remember coming home to my lady and trying to desperately convince her, that was it! We had bought a house and I assured her I was going to get a 'proper job' and settle down....I arrived home on the Wednesday, you called.... and I said, thanks, but no more....you said, isn't there anywhere you would like to go?.....and I said tongue in cheek....not unless you can get me a gig in the South Of France....you phoned back two hours later and I started in Montpellier on the Saturday night....she moved out shortly afterwards....

I did get a proper job, my second best job ever, working for the Import Department at EMI Records....the department closed down a couple of years later, I panicked ( with a mortgage on board ) and went back to work for Richard in Haugasund. Now, here's the twist...in 1982 I opened a Clothes shop called 'Jazz' ......and several years later Richard White opened a clothes shop on the island and called it by the same name ( well it saved him having bags printed ). I have since recently sold up (after 24 years) and I'm 'avin' a grown up gap year with my wife of 26 years, Rose.

Hope this email finds you in good health and spirits, with my warmest regards and much love,

Chris Brookes  

Chris Brookes 24.07.2008


Nicky Flavell - still going strong in London!


Myself, Steve Knox, Steve Doyle and Ian "Bubbles" Hunter, moved back to London a few years ago. We are still into motorcycles "big time" (we do more of that, than anything else). Sadly, Steve Doyle was fatally killed whilst we were riding in the Pyrenees Mountains a couple of years back. He was a truly top bloke and mate, who is sadly missed. Steve, single handedly forced me back into "Club land" several years ago, and it's still on!!! - Water hasn't past under the bridge for me; it's been more of a constant tidal wave! The rest of us live on, behaving no differently than we did more than 30 years ago.

A special hello to Dick Shepherd, Neville Parsons, Primus, Bootsy, Greg Wilson, Pete Turner, Peter Brown, Wally Drayton and Maggie May ! (As I was 50/50 IDEA / Europa, hello to those of you not listed here but who were "on the one").

Easy Now - Nicky Flavell.


Nicky Flavell  25.07.2008    


The Italian Job (from Andy in Italy)


Thanks for putting my photo on the site. Just to let you know that I have booked my flight and have a hotel and I am coming with a good friend of mine, a fellow DJ, though he was never an IDEA DJ, he knows a lot of the guys who worked in Luxembourg. His name is Roy Peter..... and a real Luxembourger.
I am really looking forward to meeting up with you all again after so many years, and I´m also hoping to meet up with DJs I heard about, but never managed to meet; after all we were the last of the real professional DJs who could handle anything, even playing
Mississippi by Pussycat 100 times a night, sadly what do we have today? A laptop full of MP3s, and no personality.

I am really looking forward to the party even, if it means oxygen masks and doctors on standby! Thanks again for getting the site together, you have done a really great job

Andy Hayward 30.07.2008   


Michael & Marilyn: from the Algarve:


Hallo everyone! Marilyn and Michael here in sunny Portugal. I have been out of commission for 3 weeks now, due to a severe back strain. No comments please as it has been hurting like hell!! This has meant that suddenly I have a lot of extra time on my hands whilst Marilyn is working her poor fingers to the bone doing everything by herself. Yes you can send flowers! I have been able to look through most of our old photo albums and so far have transferred just over 40 photos to a nice little disc. Which means I need a postal address Mr. Webmaster? I didn’t think that I could achieve such a complicated matter with modern technology, being over 60 now, but I persevered and nothing has been lost? I am amazed, so is Marilyn.

I have been getting quite a number of e-mails from long forgotten faces from various places in Norway and Denmark, so whatever you are doing is certainly working well. Also something else has started to happen and that is I am also getting weird e-mail letters from » You have been chosen as our new winner« » I am the interior minister for Uganda« » My baby is very ill and can you help me for the operation« » Congratulations you have won« These types of messages I have never received before so I am wondering whether your e-mail list on the web page is the reason for these messages coming to me. Have any of your other DJ’s been suddenly getting this stuff?? Lastly, as you are obviously more on the web and in your computer than I am, can you suggest anything? I am fully protected by various programs etc. Just curious as to where these various people have obtained my e-mail from. Anyway get back to me when you can.

Love and hugs to all.

Marilyn and Michael.

IDEA response:

We apologise to anyone who has received Spam or Phishing mails as a result of their mail address being published on this website.

Unfortunately, whenever an e-mail address is posted on the Internet, it can be detected by spam-crawlers, we have therefore, password protected the "Contact" page on the website, and so only bona-fide IDEA jocks/dancers can access the page in the future.

Adjusting the security settings for the mail account generally works, sending unwanted mail to the junk folder. Most mail programs incorporate a "delete & block" option (try right clicking the unwanted mail, & select "add to blocked list"...or the equivalent) alternatively, set the security level to the highest: only mail from people on your contacts list. Bouncing back the mail to the sender is also a good idea, if you have that option....it makes your email address appear invalid. Always remember, never open suspicious mails...delete them. 

M&M  30.07.2008   


Peter Sinclair says hello:


Fab. site, one minute it's wonderful to see so many old friends the next it's so sad when you spot someone who's no longer with us, and then I'm laughing so much at some old photo or someone's dodgy old memory. And that's not all, I'm fascinated, I'm surely not the only one -by the Now and Then or is it the Then and Now photo's. Whatever, they work both ways! I´m living in Cydweli (Kidwelly) Nr Caerfyrddin (Carmarthen) West Wales. Not doing much unfortunately, just treading water here in Carmarthenshire so that I can be near my Mam while she's still alive and needs my support. I want so much to attend the reunion, and do hope to attend, I'll know for sure closer to the event. 


Peter Sinclair 01.08.2008  


Mike Smith (Alive & well in Denmark)


Hi Alan, I just found your site (nice one) it's great to see the old names, and sad to see some have died.

I hope you are well, I am doing OK, have been working for L'Oreal the last 8 years, I don't have any contact with DJ's over here, although Carl Kingston stayed with me for a short time last year. I am divorced, three boys 26, 23 and 21. I must say, I miss the old days, and a reunion would be great, but don't think many are interested.


Mike Smith  06.08.2008 


Ian Hunter (Bubbles)..R.I.P


I know there are a few of you who knew Ian "Bubbles" Hunter back in the day. I first met him in '77 and we remained close friends ever since. I'm sorry to say he passed away this morning (20/08/08) after a very short illness. I cannot give you any information at this moment about the funeral arrangements, but feel free to contact me if you would like to be notified.

Ian my old mate, rest in peace. Nick.


Nicky Flavell  20.08.2008       


Alan Roberts lives and breathes....just about!

Hi Alan, Long time no hear, am I back at the Revolution again next month?

The site looks great have had a couple of the old lads tell me about it namely Gavin McCoy and Golly Gallagher. Really sad about the deaths of a couple too, namely Charlie Munroe, Terry White and Tommy Kaye for goodness sake...whatever happened to his Mrs. Jette wasn't it.

Do you remember that crazy dog of his and the huge stash he kept in his flat?

We're all old timers now and like many of the others I went onto Radio for many years, Voice of Peace in 1976 through BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Oxford, Swansea Sound, Severn Sound for eight years, GWR FM, QEFM and then finally BBC Radio 2 as a Producer for another 8 years and BBC World Service as Presenter of the Country Show before semi retiring to Torquay where I now produce TV programmers for smaller networks and voice overs for anyone.

My eldest daughter is a Club Dancer in Bristol (she's 24), my son still lives in Copenhagen he's a journalist and lecturer at the Uni there.

I've kept a low profile on the anorak and radio sites for many years, but now as I suddenly have more time on my hands (62 now) I'll be getting more active with the memories etc. I keep in contact with a few of the old guys but would love to know how Mickey Lee, Graham Jackson, Alan Bromley and others are doing. As for the reunion, that would be a nice idea and it would give me a chance to see my son again.
Best regards
Alan Roberts


Alan Roberts 25.08.2008




Mike Ledger has died


A leading disc jockey that became a celebrity of the Norwegian dance music scene, Michael Ledger, died at the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, Newport, on Monday 28th.July, aged 60.
Born in Tunbridge Wells on January 22, 1947, he was the eldest of four children to Ron and Madeleine Ledger. Mr. Ledger moved to London with the family when he was a toddler and he trained as a chef as a teenager.
The family moved to the Island in 1969 to run the Halland Hotel, Sea view. Mr. Ledger, of Salem Road, Shanklin, ran the hotel’s nightclub, The Beehive. This kick-started his career as a disc jockey and he became firm friends with Tony Blackburn.
Mr. Ledger ran a business in Shanklin called The Music Workshop, which supplied DJs with equipment and dance records. He also promoted top American soul bands, such as Heatwave and The Foundations, which performed at the Carousel and La Babalu in Ryde.
His DJ career took him to Scandinavia, where he became Norway’s number one DJ in the mid-80s. It was during this period Mr. Ledger disc jockeyed at the renowned Monteux Jazz Festival, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Freddie Mercury and Al Jarreau.
He moved back to the Island in the late 1980s to help his father run the Ryde Grill kebab shop in George Street, Ryde — eventually taking over the business and running it until he retired, due to ill health, in 2006.
He is survived by his mother, Sister Jane Gavaghan, Brothers Peter and Bernard and son, Simon.

Bobbie Webb 29.08.2008    


We found Robin the Raver in Sweden!

Hi all, I started as 2nd after Alan at "Star Club". stayed several years at the "To Be" Discotheque in Odense, even got a world championship playing 172 hours /7 days- I was actually the first idiot who tried, and made it good publicity- by the way does anybody have some clippings about me or photos from 1969 - please mail me and I´ll see you all at the 40 Year party.
Yours, Robin the Raver

Robin the Raver 02.09.2008


News from Alan


Just had a check through the old register....had a long chat to Golly yesterday, he told me Gitte Dons died 3 years ago...Perhaps some jocks can comment and produce photos of the zaniest/ maddest club managers who were around at the time...I would nominate Kjell Holm of La Boheme, Skien..for his very special personal hamburgers...
More later


Alan Lawrie 03.09.2008  


From Andy Simms in the south of France
Hi All, Just spent a fantastic hour or so looking at all the photos, and really going back in time, as we used to say. I stopped jocking 8 years ago and am now a coach driver, I live in the south of France with my wife of 15 years and my 3 sons of 11, 8 and 5, I also have a daughter who is 25 and lives in Paris. Best regards to Mr. Lawrie, I think the last time I saw him was when he had a flat in Nice, we had a meal together. Regards to all who remember me, Nigel Day, Kenny Lyle, Andy Hayward, Andy Ross, what about Ben Cree? Richard White and loads of others, I was the DJ. on the Winston Churchill when it ran aground just outside Goteborg in 1979, that is my claim to fame. Anyway take care all of you.

Cheers Andy

Andy Simms 0.09.2008



Pete James now a radio boss in Germany


I worked for IDEA from 1981 till 1983 I am now living in Germany; I am now the Head of Music for 8 radio stations in the East of Germany.


Peter James  08.09.2008 


Hello to everybody from Christer in Sweden


Hi All!  Well, after all these years! A whole lot of memories are coming back to me when I got the invitation for the reunion party in Copenhagen next year. I will be there! I was working with IDEA between 81 and 86, mostly in Norway. As I recall I was never "interviewed" by Alan for the job as a DJ. I was at the time a resident DJ at Gamle Port Night Club in Gothenburg. I went there in the summer of 81 as a replacement for a DJ named Terry Cassidy. He´s intention was that I should be there for just a month while he was on holiday, but although I was young and inexperienced, (Terry didn´t want his temporary replacement to be too good!) the management liked me, and the only way Terry could get back into the club was to find me another job. That was with IDEA in Norway. I think it took over three years before I finally met Alan. I worked with IDEA for five years, before I did my final gig (in Switzerland) ,and iwent to work with Julianas. I wanted to see the world, and my first job for them was - in Norway!!! but that’s a completely different story.

I got the word that Terry Cassidy sadly past away some few years ago, but I haven´t got it confirmed. Anyone know??...


Christer Smedberg  08.09.2008   


Hello everyone...Brian Stewart here!


I worked with IDEA from 1980 to 1989, these were great times, looked after by Johnny Scott and Alan, and felt that IDEA was more like family. After leaving IDEA in 1989 I returned to the UK and ended up DJing (still) and started my own window business. I found myself interested in production work and writing my own stuff in break beats and hard house under a different DJ name .in 1995 I sold my window company and bought a gym in Kidderminster where I was playing Storm, Godskitchen and many other clubs. I worked with Matt Darey remixed one or two of his songs, played Nocturnal, O2 etc.

Now I´ve moved and own a DJ studio. This is solely for Djs to record their work, or even write and produce. I also teach DJ skills & still jock all over- but not every weekend. I´ve been trying to get in touch with old friends for a while now, and then came across this site by chance. - and yes I will be at the reunion!!

My telephone number is 07823887656  

Speak soon Brian


Brian Stewart 11.09.2008        


Terry Cassidy R.I.P.


I found out following about Terry Cassidy. He died of a heart attack at "Vallhalla badet" in Gothenburg.  
American radio DJ Alex St John who was a close friend of Terry said that he was ill the last years of his life (problems with his liver), and he also for many years had problems with his hearing (tinnitus). Too many hours with loud music and spirits.

I manage to find a Terence Cassidy who was born 1944-12-12 and who died 2001-10-14, but who was buried at Kvibergs cemetery in Gothenburg five years later, in 2006. This is the only person with the name Cassidy who is buried in the Gothenburg-area. The span between death and funeral could indicate that the person did not have any relatives. Could you find out if the birth date match with Terry's?    

I have not managed to locate Gregory Reed yet, but he is apparently making his living as a girl photographer! What a nice job. I will continue to track him.

Put me down for the reunion next year in Copenhagen.


IDEA response: Alan confirms that was Terry´s birthday


Christer Smedberg 18.09.2008


Pete Jensen (Heyes) death


Pete passed away primarily from lung cancer that had spread throughout his body, he passed away the 27th of April 2001, and he was 45 years old. I would like to add, how happy it makes me feel to see Pete immortalized on the I.D.E.A. website. I am also saddened to see the jocks who have passed away, among a few whom I was acquainted with: Geoff Collins, Julian Wood and Erik Walkoff. I am extremely pleased to be invited to the DJ reunion next year in Copenhagen, I will be attending I'm sure it will be a ball, and I´m really looking forward to it!
Kind regards!
Phil Heyes.


Phil Heyes 21.09.2008



Terry from Sunny Blackpool


I just like say it's fantastic what you have done…. those memoires, and the pictures! I only wish we could do it all again. I was in Tromsø when I met Johnny Scott over in Festus across the road from Rio Bravo, where I was the dj, and he invited me to join IDEA, which I did, and went on to travel around Norway.

I had a great time and met some good lads. I even worked the ferries from Denmark, which I enjoyed, and when I met Neil McHenry onboard MS England we connected straight away, and remain in contact to this day. When I was In Norway I took my speed boat around with me, the summers were great, and I even taught some lads to water ski and dive, even making the local news in the papers in Kristiansand! I recall Martin Storvik, in Trondheim, tried to paraglide that was a laugh; the locals thought we were crazy. I've got the photos….. Martin, Carl De Rome, Chris Day & Dennis Lloyd.

It was sad to hear about Mike Ledger death,  he was a fantastic guy to meet and have a great time with.

I'm now back in sunny Blackpool, where I'm working for Blackpool Transport inspecting the trams and buses. At the moment we are doing a lottery grant project, resorting the old Illumination Train to its pre- war day's glory….. Hopefully ready for 2009!

Best regards to all,



Terry Shaw 25.11.2008


Hey what an absolute blast that was!


We sure burnt the candle at both ends, and in the middle two! Thanks for the memories guys....they were bound to catch up with us sooner or later! Ha-ha! well, well...This certainly has to be THE MOST exclusive club in the world. I jocked Scandinavia from 1979 to 82 and I think I was the youngest DJ on the circuit for a while. Nice to see all you survivors, especially the Luxy mob, Bob Christy, Andy Hayward etc. By the way Bob, yes, we get it, its lots-a-million listeners, and you've got a great voice man! But get over it guy, you´re over 50 now! (By the way, I am NOT!).

It's actually surprising how many people are still doing something similar. Hey, what happened to Ade Babe? Last time I saw him he was spaced out on a sofa on an Airbase in Germany. Sorry to see Tony Kaye is gone, I still miss my mate Terry White, he was run over in Berlin leaving a nightclub.
I  made it out of Scandinavia for a decade or so, spent in the South of Europe, then packed in jocking professionally in the late 80s. I pulled myself together, took a Degree in Electronics and moved to Denmark. Strangely enough!  I'm now the Chief Sales Engineer in a Satcom company for India, China & South East Asia, so the old media and travelling never got out of my system. I last Jocked in the mid 90s. I´m still in close contact with my old school mate & DJ Richard Whittle if anyone remembers him. I'm sure he should be on your list; he worked for IDEA at some point. He's a pilot now.

Great job Alan & by the way, thanks for putting my promo card in the centre of screen! I can now actually Google myself!
Copenhagen is just down the road from here, so if I get an invite, I'll be over. Sure would be fun!
Very best regards
Pete Kelly


Pete Kelly  27.11.2008


Hello from Ricky Starr in Denmark


What a great site idea jocks is, it took me back to the late sixties and seventies.

I have known Alan Lawrie since May 1969, when I was booked to play in Dansetten, Tivoli, Copenhagen May and June 1969. I was booked through Neils Wenkens & had a room at Neils Wenkens mother and father's flat. My next job was in Aalborg at Klub Katten this was a booking by both Neils Wenkens and Eugene Tjemar, and they both wanted 15% in total 30%, Thinking this was too much to pay, I got Alan Lawrie to make the booking through IDA for the month of July, this I believe was IDA´s first monthly booking.It was the time when IDA had its office in Nyhavn together with a guy called Bjarne who was the manager for Kim Larsen and Gasolin. When I was between jobs and had no room, I slept in the office and was quite often woken by Kim Larsen.

Otherwise, Alan booked me on jobs in Norway (Skien), Narden busum Holland and a lot of clubs in Denmark and Sweden. I am now living in Denmark, speak fluent Danish and have a Danish passport, I have been working for FM radio stations in Denmark for the past 25 years: for ANR Aalborg, as a presenter / technician, Voice as program manager, and now with Skala FM as the technical manager.

Best regards to all, 

Ricky Starr


Ricky Starr 12.12.2008


Thanks Alan!


Hi Alan, I  just came across your website and saw my name listed, just thought I would drop a line to say congratulations on the anniversary year, I spent a short spell at Neandersgaard, Helsingør and the experience (all good) has never left me. I was back in Helsingør a short while back meeting up with some friends that I made back then. I still think it was the best thing that happened to me, being lifted out of my small home town and exposed (in more ways than one) to the big world out there. Since coming back to the UK I did clubs in the UK, radio production, then sales, then moved into cartoons (www.violentveg.com) and then into commercial photography. 

Thanks for opening the world to me back in 1986.

Very best wishes



Ian Shipley 23.02.2009


The King of Oslo, Glen "GC" Christian is dead....

23.07.1953 - 27.11.2007


Glen was born in Chicago, USA, by Norwegian parents, and moved to Norway in his teen years. They moved back to to his mom and dad’s home town Porsgrunn.

Glen was a DJ nearly all of his life, besides helping his father out with some odd paint jobs in his company. He worked, as you probably already know, as a DJ in England, Denmark, USA, Canada, Greece and of course Norway. He also had several radio shows in the States and in Canada (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Toronto and so on) & was also a guest DJ at Radio Luxembourg – The Great 208.

Glen was probably one of the most popular & outstanding DJ’s, becoming really famous when he started out for Jan Rivelsrud at his first restaurant in Oslo, Bajazzo. This restaurant was the first in a big chain - that later became Rica Hotels, a very well known hotel-chain in Norway.

Already from the time I first met Glen in 1983, he had problems with his Pancreas, and he was in and out of hospitals from 1983 until the day he passed away. I visited his mom and dads this summer (2008), who are both in their 80’s and still live in Porsgrunn; his mom told me that Glen lived at their house the last 2-3 weeks of his life. He passed out in his mom’s lap after she asked him to receive Jesus. Glen was not a believer until that day, and that was a great thing for his mom, who is a very religious person. Glen’s uncle took me and my youngest daughter to his grave, and when I asked him what Glen died of, he told me that it was a total collapse of his whole body… it just did not work no more.

Glen told me many times that he would not survive his mom and dad, and I said "forget it Glen, of course you will, they are in their 80’s", but he was right. Just a month or two before Glen died; he had lost his beloved dog Bella. He called me and told me that he had nothing more to live for, and I knew that in a way it was right.

A few months earlier, in March 2007, Thor "Mark Davies" Lystad (Noble Dancer / Tre Kokker) passed away at the age of 52. Thor, Glen and I were very close, and we even called each other brothers.  "The Three Musketeers" and "Brother’s in Arms", and we were closer than most families, so when Thor passed away, and then Glen’s dog Bella, I knew that it would not take long before Glen was going the same way too.

Glen had problems with drugs and alcohol, but had stayed completely clean for the past 10-15 years after moving back to Porsgrunn, he told me he had lived a full life, and experienced more than any other person. He had become friends with people like David Bowie, David Lee Roth, Olivia Newton-John, Joan Jett and Nina Hagen to mention a few. He was also the Norwegian record companies "crown prince", and they always took their celebrities to Bajazzo, and later also to Down Town, a key club in Oslo DJ’ed by Glen.

I can tell you a story about the first time I met Thor, and then later Glen. I was DJ’ing for "Sir" Jannick at Josefine in Oslo, and I guess it was in 1980 or so. I was just a kid, not even old enough to work there…. It was a Tuesday, and my late friend Jan Terje & I were playing for – ZERO – people, when in came a beautiful blond, probably round 20 years old, and I fell in love at once. It was only her and us in the room, but then suddenly this Rod Stewart looking guy shows up in his Armani suit, and I remember I thought who the hell is this? I didn’t like it at all, it was her boyfriend, and I didn’t like him either, until he came up to me and said; "Hey man, you´re a great DJ! Can I buy you and your friend a drink? Just drink whatever you like for the rest on the evening and put in on my tab. We became fans of this guy instantly  Then this guy asks me if I would like to try working at Tre Kokker, at the time one of Oslo’s hottest  nightclubs, I mean, I was 15 or 16, and Tre Kokker had a age limit of 23. I was in heaven and he told me to start already the next weekend.

This guy was Thor Lystad a.k.a. Mark Davies. After working for him a while, I got an offer to work at Magnetique, a brand new club in the old residence of Bajazzo. Thor said that I should try it out, as I could always come back to Tre Kokker if I didn´t like it there. At the time I had only heard about Glen, and he was like God to me.

So I started out at Magnetique, and it was a great success, but on Sunday’s we had a lot of the old Bajazzo guests, and they were really giving me a hard time, they told me that I was shit & that I had taken Glen’s job. Then suddenly one Sunday, Glen enters Magnetique in his white leather suit, with two sex bombs on his arms, it was like it was Mick Jagger who had come into the room. I was so happy, for the first time in my life I was about to meet my big time idol, Glen Christian.

He came over to me, I was so happy that I’s finally got to meet him, but instead of a nice "hello" he said " who the fuck are you taking my job?", I just wanted to leave the place at once. My big time idol told me that I was a jerk, not even close to a DJ, and his audience told me so too. I just wanted to die right there and then. When I mentioned this to Thor, he called up Glen and said; you are my best friend Glen, but Dag is a very good friend too, so if you don’t leave him alone I’ll get real pissed. Then after meeting them a couple of times, they invited me to go with them to Baronen & Baronessen, and I was maybe like 17 or 18 at the time, not even old enough to get in there. When we arrived, The Baron himself, Rune, was standing in the door and told Glen and Thor to get upstairs for free drinks, and then he asked Glen "who is this guy (me)? Glen replied "That’s my brother, and he’s a helluva DJ". From that day the three of us became brothers.

I am so thankful for this friendship that lasted for about 25 years until both Thor and Glen passed away, they were both great DJ’s, and introduced me into the business.

Glen Christian, and last, but not least Thor. R.I.P. both of you.

Sincerely, "Littlebro" Dag "Tex Davis" (my DJ name back then) Foosnæs a.k.a. Foose



Tex Davis 24.02.2009


Sorry boys & girls....


I'm sorry to say that I will be unable to attend the reunion in Copenhagen. This is due to my work commitments which I am unable to alter. I'm sure it will be an absolute blast and will be thinking about you all having it 'large' in town after all these years. I hope my editorial/pictorial submissions to the site will make up in some way for my no-show this year. Have a blast & regards to all who remember me.

Micki Jon


Micki Jon 12.03.2009


Duncan still very much alive....


I thought I'd just set a few details straight. I am very much alive and looking forward to Denmark on 5th/6th June. I'm living in Weymouth, Dorset (see contact details below) and still 'jock'/compere to 'eek out a living'. In my travels I've managed three divorces, eleven children (2 are step children) and have lived with Angie (without marriage getting in the way) for some years, our relationship is old enough to drink. I had to hide the wives in my suitcase because I distinctly remember Alan saying "No wives on tour unless they are part of the show", a girlfriend or wife of his (I can't remember which) bubbled me before I got off the bloody ferry. I still like the taste of wedding cake LOL.

I am one of the few jocks that still do "all nighters", 4 in a row for Weymouth Easter Hockey Festival next, these youngsters can´t hack the 10 hour gigs, as they wilt or their mums won´t let them. Please don´t show me as no longer with us on the site, and what a great site it is, although it was right about the heart attack (4 in fact) which have not slowed me down. The drinking has slowed though. Looking forward to seeing all the old farts at the party and if anybody wants to contact me, please give them my contact details.  We will arrive on Thursday and leave on Monday. Got to have time to recover from rowing over :)



Duncan Stewart 28.03.2009


Paul Stewart....from Cambodia..


"WOW" how do I start? It really is just amazing to find your site. Don't know how I got on it - but so glad I did. I am now sitting in my hotel room in Saigon and my memory has gone into overdrive. Fantastic...

1976 was when IDEA sent me to Aalborg. Hung around with Bobby Webb and Graham Bell and many more. It is only now that I can see that I was a part of a great family of entertainers. I can't remember thinking too much in those days just too busy being a Super Star. I came down to earth with a bump many years ago but I can honestly say that if it was not for Alan and IDEA for putting me on the road I do not know where I would be today. It was so nice to read the names and see the old photos, it was like yesterday. My heart goes out for the guys that have passed on to DJ heaven. 

Great web site, just great!

Kind regards



Paul Stewart 24.04.2009


Klaus is very much alive!


All right, Folks….Imagine my surprise, when I received a text-message along the lines of:"Are you the famous "Klaus Arentoft" who so successfully ;-) DJ’ed for IDEA in the 70’s? If so, please check out the following website" etc…. signed, Bobby Webb.

I logged in, and the past literally welled up: Good grief, had it really been almost 30 years since the crazy days in the clubs? I was thinking of the days and nights in Neil´s flat/office in Landskronagade where we played war-games and hung out. The excursions to the Go-Cart center, where everyone were reduced to OAP-drivers when Roger Kiesa donned his red leather-outfit, and drove like a professional (Which, as it turned out, he actually was !) I remembered the trip to Luxembourg, in a sad excuse of an old clap-trap of a bus, where we had to piss in bottles, and where we hardly slept for 3 days. But most of all I thought about the unique camaraderie among the jocks, and the sense of being a part of a family, or group rather, with the same aim and values. Very much thanks to Alan and Neil´s management, I hasten to add. If it wasn’t for their "holding the web together", I don’t think we would have been as close, as we actually were.

I later spoke to Bobby, and he told me about the reunion, and came up with the latest gossip and requested me to write something about myself on the IDEA homepage. Anyway, so what happened to Klaus Arentoft since he stopped DJ’ing in 1981? He got married to an English girl, got into advertising, where he still is, although in quite a few different agencies over the years, and he managed to keep his head above the water.

The story in short:

Met the English bird in the gig "Gadekæret" in Helsinge in the summer of ’79, (yes, guys: she was one of the numerous au-pairs in the area), and we managed to stay together for 13 years. Got a daughter in the process, Isabella, who is now 15 years old, and lives in England, and who I see on 2-3 occasions a year. Mainly holidays and prolonged weekends, here or there J Quite satisfying, really, although it would be nice with a higher frequency. Never mind…. Got married again, and had 2 more girls, Filippa and Cornelia, aged 10 and 7 years now. They all 3 get on extremely well, and love each other to bits, despite the small language barrier. I began my career in advertising in 1983 in one of the big US-agencies, and I still hang on in the business. Working in an agency in Copenhagen currently, but I’d like to get another job a little further up north, where I live in the countryside. Let’s see what happens. It’s quite normal with frequent job-changes in this business, so something will show up eventually.

There are loads of stories to be told, but I’m sure we’ll get a chance to spin some yarns at the reunion. I think it’s great to see that there is still some sort of "togetherness" among the jocks, and I really look forward to the reunion in June.

Klaus Arentoft

+45 20 67 44 67

E-mail: klaus@arentoft.dk



Klaus Arentoft  30.04.2009


Be Young, Be Foolish and Be Happy…


Hi Alan – Hi Everyone! This is a great website and a really super idea with the IDEA reunion 2009. I’m really sorry I couldn’t be there, but I’m sure that you all had a great party and a nice stay in Copenhagen. I have enjoyed very much to see all the nice and well-known faces of the jocks from the seventies on the website. Good to see that most of you still are having a great time – but of course sad to read about those who have passed away. Years ago I heard about Glen Rogers death and also Dennis Hastings. But on the website I have been informed of several more, including Tommy Kaye, and I’m so sorry to hear this.

I was working for Alan Lawrie and IDA / IDEA for four fantastic years in 1972-1976, and during the years I have kept all the good memories and showed gratitude to Alan for what you did for me at that time. Thanks, Alan. I really appreciate it.

I was one of the Danish jocks – among the first ones. Kent Munch and Tobias started before me. My name is Søren Staf Hansen, and I played all over Denmark and once in Narvik in the North of Norway. I used my own name Søren Hansen, but at the fantastic beach disco "Showboat" in Karrebæksminde near Næstved they called me "Søren the Fox" during three summers.

I started as a DJ in April 1971 in Køge at the discotheque "Biblioteket" where I played for one year.

I lived in Haslev in these years, and a very good friend of mine was Bent Olsen, the owner of Black & White. I had a lot of fun in this fabulous discotheque, where I met great guys like Joe Bach, Glen Rogers, Tommy Kay, Brian Laurie, Jean Louis "Pussy" and many more. But the first IDEA DJ I met on Black & White was Kent Much in June 1971. I think it was one of his last jobs as a DJ before he started working in the record-store Bristol on Strøget in Copenhagen. On his request I drove in my Mini to Landskronagade in Copenhagen to meet Alan Lawrie – but in the first time I did not became an IDEA DJ, and of course I was sorry. Instead I continued on "Biblioteket" in Køge.

It was a must for me at that time to be an IDEA DJ, and I became very happy when Alan called me in the spring 1972 and offered me my first professional job in Club 69 in Søborg where I replaced Tobias. And I was happy. Club 69 was a very big place with to dance floors and a lot of nice and happy people every night. My first night was 21. April 1972 and I had a great feeling playing here. In September I came to Black & White – nice to be "home" – for the first time as a DJ.

After that I played in Paradiset in Copenhagen and then again in Club 69. 1. January 1973 Bent Olsen wanted me to be DJ in his and Annie's new nightclub in Roskilde called Columbus, and it was a great pleasure to play here for four month. In May I went to the cold North of Norway to "Malmen" in Narvik working every night 9-12 in the light of the midnight sun. It was a super experience. Home again in June I took the Mini and drove to Aalborg for one month in McCloud. That was ok but it was much better to come to the beach in July – my first summer at Showboat. What a place. In July I also played one night in Tivoli in Krudthuset where IDEA presented The National Disc-Jockey Championship 1973. It became a great party-night with a lot of DJ’s. The summer continued in "Generalen" in Copenhagen and after that "Biblioteket" in Køge, "Camelot" in Frederikssund and two month at the end of the year back in Columbus in Roskilde. One of the nights in Generalen in August 1973 I played at a Promotion Party arranged by Polydor Records. They were presenting two new Danish bands for the press this night – Moirana and Shu-Bi-Dua. Two great bands – and Shu-Bi-Dua are still on the top of the pop in Denmark in 2009!

In 1974 I played in "Focus" in Skjern, "Club 10" in Copenhagen, "Safari Club" in Karlslunde, Camelot again – lots of great places. They were followed by another super summer, two month in Karrebæksminde on "Showboat". After that "Moulin Rouge" in Slagelse, Safari Club in Karlslunde, fantastic place, and "Den Gamle Stald" in Nykøbing Sjælland. The year ended with a nice December in Vordingborg in "Boulevardkroen".

1975 started in Safari Club followed by "Club Si-Si" in Køge, "Landsbyen" in Næstved and Boulevardkroen once again. In April I came to "Hit Club" on Postgården in Skælskør and after that back in Safari Club where I also played in May. Super place! And then for the third summer "Showboat" at the beach in Karrebæksminde – "In Action Every Night; The Fox on the Run"! It became another wonderful summer. After that the owners Bo and Bjarne Nielsen wanted me to be their DJ in a new super exclusive disco in Næstved called "Admiralen" opening in September. I really enjoyed my time here, but after nearly six month I decided to stop my DJ career after five fantastic years to be a bank clerk again. Flemming Jay, my very good friend, replaced me in Admiralen.

And believe it or not; today, after all these years I still have all my record as a good memory from a nice and splendid time. Thanks Allan, Brian, Joe, Kent, Tobias and all you other good guys and girls. I wish you all the best! – Be Young, Be Foolish and Be Happy!

Since 1977 I have been working with marketing, public relations and communication as a communications manager etc. in several banks and big companies in Denmark as Holmegaard, Junckers, Velux and Totempo. It has been a perfect career for me and every day has been exciting – just as the IDEA years in the seventies. Best regards,


Søren Staf Hansen 08.06.2009





Hi Alan and everyone. I'm sorry to say I couldn´t get to the reunion in Copenhagen. My wife is disabled and has been through a very bad patch, my daughter isn't able to look after as she is taking college finals. I've let Golly and Steve Copper alias Gavin McCoy know and recently talked with Ricky Starr and Paul Marshall by phone which I was over the moon about after all these years. Bobby Junior will be my next contact and all because of the IDEA website which has been great. Please pass on my respects to all the old jocks and if there is ever another reunion, perhaps in England, I'll certainly. be there. What about Torquay, tons of Hotels, Nightlife and the seaside (Best in Britain)

Best Regards


Alan Roberts 08.06.2009


Happy Christmas !



Richard Blade & his lovely wife Krista  15.12.2009




Happy New Year 2010 from Joe



Joe Bach 01.01.2010



Hello from Marion in USA...


Was a surprise all this is, I have often wondered over the years where everybody went to! I used my own name Marion Wright at the time I lived in London, I seem to remember it was Chris Lee who gave me the info. about Alan and Denmark we had been working at the "Carousel" on the Isle of Wight for a summer season. I have lived in the States for the last 15 years working in the Fitness Industry in Los Angeles,  When I emigrated I shipped my vinyl and still have my record collection. A friend of mine knows Rosco he lives out here too and I nearly bought some twin decks from him a few years ago!  Decided I was too busy at the time to even think of doing any gigs - raves from the 70's.  Do you remember Dennis Chance?  Marion


Marion Wright 01.01.2010


Love to all from Honey Bee & Roger...


Watcha Bobby! What a blast from the past, all that seems a lifetime ago, on another planet, nevertheless, what a great time it was. I saw the site a while ago and have been meaning to get in touch, but what with wasting away in my hammock I never got a round to it. Good job on the site brought the memories flooding back. A quick update on us, we were with Alan for a good eight years starting around April or May 1971 before that we had been touring the US bases in Germany with a band. First gig for Alan was in Sweden and then we went on to work almost everywhere in Europe. (If you want more details of where and when get back to us and we will see what we can remember). Life after IDEA: Got back to England in 79, formed a band, made a few records, got nowhere so went back to jockeying. Worked for the Michael Cohn agency of Wardour Street, backing up the “Radio One” jocks, and running the Sally James “Tiswas” road show, that was great fun. Then Michael got Honey a holiday replacement gig or Radio Luxemburg 208 when Stuart Henry took a break. While in Luxembourg the mighty German service found out that Honey speaks perfect German, made her an offer and she stayed with them for twenty years, ten with the German radio and ten with Dutch TV. During this time I worked some big clubs in Germany, then got involved with Mike Knight and “Sunshine Radio Luxembourg”

In 2001 we bought a hotel in the Algarve, it must have been just up the road from Mick and Marilyn, but we never knew they were there! In 2008 we sold up and are now wasting away on tropical beaches, looking for a new project. If you would like any reminiscences or funny stories about our time with IDEA, let us know and we’ll see what I can come up with.
Give our very best wishes to Alan.Big hug.
Hanny and Roger.

Roger Kingsley and Honey Bee Benson -



Black & White Disco Haslev, Denmark closed after 40 years!


Der blev sagt pænt farvel til Haslevs gamle diskotek og in-sted Black & White lørdag 16. januar 2010.

Smilene var store, men nedenunder lurede vemodigheden, da Sydsjællands engang allerstørste diskotek holdt lukke-reception lørdag aften.
Fra 18 til 21 - og før ungdommen blev sluppet ind for sidste gang - mødte "de gamle op", de der havde tilbragt en pæn del af deres glade ungdoms timer i den store røde bygning på hjørnet af Frederiksgade - ja, nogle af dem havde oven i købet arbejdet der, Morten og Karin Larsen drev B&W i 12 år - Finn Hansen og Frank Månsson nåede kun 11 - byens boghandler Steen Wisler havde både været flittig gæst engang, og han havde skam også arbejdet som disc jockey, det var netop i Karin og Morten Larsens tid, fortalte han. Og Jacob Toftlund, i dag en anden af byens store forretningsfolk, som i dag er SuperBest købmand på Stationspladsen, ja, han vaskede op i restauranten under B&W i sine unge år.

Bobbie Webb 15.05.2010


Anyone for Cuba? ..and I don´t mean the Gibson brothers!


Hi IDEA Jocks,


Thanks again for your mail and keeping me in your files. I am not a Jock, let,s say  I was more a dancer, … But 1 year ago I found your website and contacted Bobby Webb (thanks again Bob).


I know some of you DJs, because I lived in Trier near Luxemburg in the 80s where I met guys like Bob Christie, Pete Kelly, Lou Lewis, Mike Ocean and many others during the time of RTL Community. I was always in the disco on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and still I like the sounds of the late seventies and early 80s.  I have read a lot of the stories on your website and also know that you had a meeting in Copenhagen in 2009. For nearly 10 years I have lived in Havana, Cuba, where I am the general manager of a Swiss travel agency. When I received this e-mail, I thought, why not make you a proposal?

You all have and had to do with music, you were all good DJs and mixers and now you are looking for a place to meet again.

Could you imagine having your meeting in HAVANA, CUBA?  

There are several reasons for my proposal:I think you would have a lot of fun, although Cuba is not perfect when it comes to service in the hotels etc…

Nevertheless there are 200.000 English people every year coming to Cuba, we could show you the live music scene of Cuba (which is world class, although more salsa, regeton and jazz, but there are also clubs (but they are not as good as in Europe so you could even teach the DJs). Cuba is a nostalgic country. Local people in our age still remember the 70s and early 80s, for example one year ago there were 100.000 people to listen to a live concert of Kool and the Gang.

They know the 80s sound and beat but do not have the knowledge of all the variety of songs there arein England,so perphaps we could organize several Club Nights where some of you could eventually “do the mix”. Every Cuban can dance and even if they do not know the songs, they will adapt to the beat…

If you can come for a week we could eventually rent a club for a few  nights and you could make music, this would really be an event…

There are DJs who can do the Club sound,  but having Djs from England would be something special.


To be honest it would take me some time to get all the permissions,  because Cuba is not a free country, but music is not politics, so I am optimistic, that we could do something and we could even organize some Club nights for the people 35 plus. They call it “Disco Temba” here (and the younger would also dance, I am sure).You would see an exotic country nice women and men. We could go one evening to the kitchy Tropicana Show etc. etc.

And naturally the Cubans smoke cigars and drink rum…

As a travel agency, we could also  make you a good  price,  we can also try to bring you in contact with the local English expat scene (there are not so many) and the British Embassy and also the BBC and Reuters if requested. Such a journey could be a nice event, even for the world press…

And it could be very positive because it’s connecting people through music.

May be you could bring your old records and mix  with vinyl (although they also work with CDs and Virtual DJ here, but not many can do a good mix).

May be we could even bring in 2 or 3 vinyl players so then it would be really a nostalgic Club night….

May be we could do every night a different club location one week long (for those of you who want to “work”…during their holiday)

As you can see, I am not talking about a meeting for 1 day, I am talking about a 1 weeks holiday (mainly in Havana and surroundings)…

I would propose end of September or beginning of October, because then we have low season and the hotel prices are lower.

These are only some ideas.


Should you be interested, please feel free to contact me.

You can find our agency under www.cubarealtours.com



Best regards from Havana:

Bernd Herrmann

General Manager

Product & Marketing



Bernd Herrmann  19.08.2011


Karavellen, Aarhus


Hi Alan, Hey that was my very first IDEA gig. Karavellen, Aarhus 125 dkr per night, 7 days a week, 2000-0500. Free food and lodging. It was November 1971. I loved it, and after that I could do anything! Thank God I spotted that little ad. in Melody Maker. DJs wanted for Scandinavia. 

We went back just a few years ago and the place was still there, with a different name. The dockside is now very developed and upscale, back then it was a bit wild west. The guy who ran it was Nielsen? I think I ate schnitzel and friladeller every day. After a quick month in Fredrikshavn Kroen I was back there again for a second month!

The two other jocks in town were Ricky Star and Dave Booth. 

Best regards.


Gavin McCoy 22.08.2011


Andy Docherty committed suicide 06.12.2011

Andy Docherty, who was arrested by Danish police at the end of November, has committed suicide by driving his car into the harbour in Fredericia, Denmark on Tuesday the 6th. of December 2011. Ideajocks do not have all the information regarding his arrest, we understand he was helping the Danish police with their enquiries, and therefore presume Andy to be innocent of any accusations made against him.


ideajocks 17.12.2011



Steve Marvin(Smith) & Paul Stewart have both died of cancer related sickness:


It is with great sadness that we have have received news of two deaths of former IDEA jocks, both died of cancer. Steve Marvin died in Skien, Norway on the 7th. January (2013) and Paul Stewart in Wales on the 8th. April (2013)  They will both be sadly missed. R.I.P.


ideajocks 10.04.2013





Hello to Honey Bee Benson & Roger Kingsley in Brazil !


After many years of no contact, we were delighted to hear from former IDEA jocks HONEY BEE BENSON & ROGER KINGSLEY, whom we are pleased to rapport are alive and well in Brazil.

The lovely Honey Bee is also well known as a lead singer in a couple of bands, and especially for her time as a radio presenter on the Radio Luxembourg German speaking service, Roger is best remembered for his excellent sense of humour, writing and cookery skills!


Roger and Honey have travelled extensively to most parts of the World, but have now settled in a coastal location in the Easten part of Brazil, close to the city of Maceio´, where they have been running their own "pousada" (small hotel) for a number of years, receiving fantastic reviews on Tripadvisor.com (http://www.tripadvisor.dk/Hotel_Review-g2011980-d1217791-Reviews-Pousada_Roanna-Marechal_Deodoro_State_of_Alagoas.html) .

They have recently created Facebook accounts for their pousada (http://www.facebook.com/pousadaroanna ) and also one detailing Honey Bees adventures at Radio Luxembourg (http://www.facebook.com/honeybeebensonradioluxemburg ).


If you know Honey Bee or Roger give them a "Like" on the above FB pages. or alternatively send them an e- mail ,  they would love to hear from you!


ideajocks 14.04.2013



Thorkild Kristensen died 24th. July 2013:


Thorkild Kristensen at the opening of Tordenskjold Diskotek, Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen 1974


Thorkild Kristensen was the founder of the Tordenskjold discotheque chain in Denmark. He died on the 24th.July 2013, aged 73. He had battled Parkinsons illness for many years.


Thorkild was born into a humble working class family in a poor area of Aalborg, but through hard work he created one of Denmark´s largest and most respected construction companies -TK Development  -responsible for building Fields shopping center in Ørestad, and the up market hotel St. Petri in Copenhagen city center (This building was the old department store Daells Varehus in Nørregade). Unknown to many jocks, Thorkild was also the founder of TORDENSKJOLD discotheques which were supplied by IDEA during the 70´s. For more information on Thorkild´s amasing life, visit :




Bobby Webb 12.08.2013




The story of Disco in Norway:


Written by DJ Whiteshadow, shared with IDEA by DJ Tor Øveland:


Disco in Norway was started in 1969 by a guy from Oslo named Tore Løken. After he had spent time on the UK club scene he brought the idea back with him, and decided to start a club in Oslo where musicians and other artists could hang out with like minded people, and others in the music business. The name of the club was Mandagsklubben (The Monday Club), that was private and membership only. Sort of a chill-out zone for people in the Norwegian entertainment industry, artists, musicians, and their girlfriends. Later in ' 69 Tore Løken also started a club open to the general public, and named it Safari. Safari would become the new hot spot in Oslo, being mentioned in music magazines outside of Norway as well. The club had a jungle style interior, and the DJ booth was built to look like a hut.

Tore Løken was the DJ at both clubs, and the first DJ from Norway to play in front of a live audience, as well as the first DJ to play records, and talk on the mic at the same time. More DJ's followed shortly, and guys like the Norwegian radio DJ Jørgen Slips would also start playing in Oslo in 1969 at a club called "Soria Moria", as well as DJ Steve Lindquist who would team up with Løken to do the first mobile Disco parties in Norway using Gerard twin turntables, and a 100 watt amplifier to play parties in schools. The biggest amp available at the time was a 1500 watt amp they called Grand Slam that would be used mostly for outdoors events, and Steve Lindquist would be the first DJ to travel to various places in Norway to do gigs with the Rabbit Rock Mobile Disco system, a well known mobile Disco in Norway in the 70's and 80's run by Arne Mørk who was a speedboat racer as well as a pioneer in the Norwegian Disco business. After some time on the road in Norway Rabbit Rock Mobile expanded, and became the biggest mobile Disco in Europe.

The Norwegian singer Halvdan Sivertsen would DJ in his hometown of Bodø in 1971 at the first club there named Polar Disco Club, and playing records during breaks in the performance by Swedish singer Cornelius Wrejsvik is what set off Halvdan's DJ career.

The other mayor cities in Norway like Trondheim, Bergen, and Stavanger also had a live Disco scene, and in Stavanger DJ Per Gjøvåg at Grotten Disco, a bomb shelter turned nightclub, would be the first DJ to get on Norwegian national TV that did a special on him and his club in 1974.

Clubbing spread quickly to all corners of Norway, even small towns like my hometown of Geilo, where DJ's like Per Alm would DJ at the first club here called Mølla in 1970, and in 1975 the first local DJ, Dave Dale, would play Disco parties in youth clubs and hotels, as well as at Mølla, and the other local clubs Sherlock Holmes, and Camus Circus. Per Alm would later become an A&R for Polygram records in Norway, and Dave Dale retired from DJ'ing in 1985.

Once Tore Løken had kick-started the Club and DJ culture, it took about one year tops before it had spread to the whole country from the biggest cities to the smallest villages. The norm in the beginning however was to have a live band on stage, and the DJ's playing records during breaks, so the early days of DJ's playing full nights were kinda hard to swallow for the crowds used to live bands, so they would boo when the DJ's came on, but soon, and as DJ's got better, the live band was replaced by the DJ, and some musicians would even become DJ's instead to be able to pay their bills.

The music played in the early days were inspired by the Hippie movement, and artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Blood, Sweat & Tears, and various progressive Rock bands, along with traditional Rock & Roll like The Beatles, Stones, Kinks, The Monkeys, etc, would be among the dance floor favorites. From about 1973-74 up tempo Soul music would take over, and artists like Barry White, James Brown, KC & The Sunshine Band, and The Jacksons would become the hot artists among the DJ's and dancers, but all kinds of music was put in the mix, including the Norwegian folk music style called "Gammeldans", which is music without a drum beat, played using only Violin and Accordion, that people would do couple-dancing to in between the Soulful Disco sets. In the early days it was recommended by club owners that DJ's should play a few sets of "Gammeldans" during the night, probably to have a bit of Norwegian culture present in this new and exciting thing called clubbing, and keep a balance of Norwegian and foreign culture. In the early days it was also an unwritten rule that the DJ's should play three slow songs every hour to keep the crowd from going too bananas to the Disco sounds.

The first DJ to beat mix records in Norway was a guy from Oslo named Heavy Henry (RIP), who was inspired by DJ's he had heard mixing when he was partying in the UK. Henry would bring that style of DJ'ing to Norway in 1975, and mixed using two belt driven turntables. There were no pitch controls, and you had to count rounds of the platters cause it took about three seconds to get them up to full speed, so Henry would mix slowing down or speeding up the platters gently with his fingers to go from one record to the next without losing the beat, as well as using a radio jingle machine for various sound FX. A very expensive piece of equipment back then that he had imported from the UK. Most other DJ's would be very impressed by Heavy Henry because they would mostly either play records from start to finish, or talk on the mic between them, so Henry was known as the best DJ in Norway in the mid 70's because of his mixing skills.

It didn't take long before entrepreneurs realized that clubbing was good business, and in the aftermath of the blockbuster Saturday Night Fever in 1977 the whole world went Disco crazy, and in Norway, like the rest of Europe, acts like Donna Summer, Boney M, Bee Gees, and Abba would have big hits with their more polished style of Disco that would appeal to the masses, from children to senior citizens. Disco was becoming big business, and clubs opened up left and right. Those were the happy days for club owners and DJ's alike. There were several booking agencies, IDEA, and Nor Booking that would hire DJ's, and book them to play at various clubs all over Europe, Bacchus booked worldwide, and Disco Sound or DJ's in Norway.

The DJ's would make a set fee that would be about $500 for a night, and about $3500 for a month as the resident DJ at a club. Club owners would get whatever was left after bills, DJ, and staff were paid, and we're not talking about chump-change. The business would gross so much after a while that the Norwegian IRS would become very interested in the scene. They would hire people to make sure the right amount of taxes were paid by the club owners, and would raid afterhours clubs that did private parties where the illegal sales of alcoholic beverages, drug abuse, and sex was the common thing, and some clubs would be shut down because of legal action by the IRS and the Police, but as one club was shut down, another started. The legal nightclubs had to close by 4am due to Norwegian regulations, but the illegal afterhours spots, often situated at someone's private home, or a basement, would be open to at least 9am, or for as long as people wanted to party.

By the late 70's, demand for 12" singles with extended remix versions of songs were high among DJ's, but no record stores would carry them in Norway, so Norwegian DJ's would travel to London to buy the latest 12" singles at shops like Groove Records in the Soho area, made famous by Tony Prince's Disco charts on 208 Radio Lux because the charts were compiled by Groove Records. The store was owned and run by an elderly and friendly lady named Mrs. Palmer who was well into her sixties, but still an expert on Soul, Funk, and Disco music, who would serve the hungry Norwegian DJ's with the latest 12" Disco singles. That way the Norwegian clubbers were lucky enough to be able to dance to the hottest new tunes only a couple of weeks after they were released in the US.

In the early 80's specialist DJ shops would open in Norway, like "Funkytown" in Stavanger run by a local DJ named Åge Holgersen, Fotokopi, Immerslund, and Hot News in Oslo, Mike Lewis record shop in Grimstad, and a few others, would import 12"s from the US and UK to supply DJ's all over Norway. In Oslo a record pool simply named Record Pool was started to serve DJ members with promo vinyl. Mike Burke record shop put ads in the biggest Norwegian newspaper VG advertising 12" singles to DJ's with a phone number to call to buy the records. That was in 1981, and some of the titles advertised were Yarbrough & Peoples' "Don't Stop The Music", Blondie's "Rapture", SOS Band's "Take Your Time", and Kleeer's "Get Tough".

Disco related advertising in VG was nothing new because CBS Records in Norway started a service in the newspaper in 1979 where people could call a number, and hear a snippet of the next big Disco hit record. The first record used in the service was Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell" that would become a number one single in Norway. Other Disco records that did well on the Norwegian charts were Baccara's "Yes Sir I Can Boogie", Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", Chic's "Le Freak", and "Good Times", Sister Sledge's "We Are Family", and "He's The Greatest Dancer", Ottawan's "D.I.S.C.O"., the Saturday Night Fever and Thank God It's Friday soundtracks, Leon Haywood's "Don't Push It Don't Force It", The Whispers' "And The Beat Goes On", any Earth Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan, Donna Summer, Village People, Bee Gees, Abba, etc...

The first crossover Rap record, Sugarhill Gang's "Rappers Delight", peaked at number two on the Norwegian pop charts in 1980, shortly followed by two other Rap records in the Norwegian Top 10, "Rap-O Clap-O" by Joe Bataan, and "Rhythm Talk" by Jocko. After the release of those records it became a common thing among the more upfront DJ's to Rap over the various Disco records, and sometimes DJ's would make their own raps to introduce themselves and to hype the crowds, so in that respect Hip-hop was introduced to Norway by club DJ's.

The common language used by DJ's to talk and rap on the microphone was English for Norwegian as well as foreign DJ's playing in Norway. DJ's from the UK were plenty in Norway in the early years of Disco, and some of the best DJ's in Norway were British, such as DJ Gary Dean who would mix records just as well as the best DJ's in the US, and would play the same music that was hot in the clubs stateside.

As far as Norwegian artists putting out Disco records there were close to no real Disco cuts made in Norway. The exceptions being artists and bands doing Norwegian cover versions of Disco hits. There were plenty of artists making Soul, Jazz, and Funk influenced music however, such as Frode Thingnes, Jon Eberson, Inger Lise Rypdal, Jonas Fjeld Band, Alex, Lava that featured Randy Crawford as their singer on a couple of albums, and Drama that changed their name to Creation in the mid 80's and released the 12" I'm Going Up in 1985, on the Desperado label, with a Swedish remix by Fredrik Ramel who also did most of the remixes for the Swedish dance label Beat Box that put out remixes of Italian Disco records mostly. I'm Going Up is now much in demand among Boogie collectors, and fetches about $100 when it shows up.

Comedy acts like Prima Vera would do mediocre Norwegian cover versions of international Disco hits in the late 70's. The first serious quality Disco record from Norway actually didn't come out until 1984 with the duo Avalanche's 12" single Heaven Tonight. Avalanche were Norwegian, but had German production, and were signed to the German label Metronome Records. They followed Heaven Tonight with several more 12" singles during the late 80's, and early 90's.

The only Norwegian club hit before that was Oslo's New Wave artist Beranek with his 7" 45 only release "Dra Te' Helvette" (Go To Hell), that was a number one single in Norway in 1981, even if it was banned from national radio because of the title and lyrics about shooting up Heroin, and some record stores wouldn't sell it cause it had a picture of a naked ass with a syringe labeled Disco on the front cover. Beranek released a couple of 12" singles and albums in the early 80's, but they were aimed at the New Wave / Punk crowd more than the Disco crowd. For some reason Norwegian labels and artists seemed to have a problem taking Disco music seriously, and Norway was always a little late to pick up on new musical trends compared to the other Scandinavian contries, which is the main reasons there are very few Norwegian Disco records. It took A-ha to make it big worldwide with "Take On Me", (Released in 1984), in the late 80's, for other Norwegian artists to realize that it was possible to make it big internationally with a dance record, although the Progressive Rock band Popol Ace, later turned Popol Vuh, were close in the mid 70's when they almost signed a deal with Frank Zappa.

In the US on July 12th. 1979, the infamous Disco Demolition Night took place, where American radio DJ Steve Dahl had people bring their Disco records to a sports event in Chicago to start a giant fire and burn the records. In reality, a racist and anti-gay media hype promoted by Rock DJ's and music industry people who were stuck in the past, and hated the fact that Disco had taken Rock & Roll's spot as the most popular culture and music. It was an attempt to end Disco that also made it to the Norwegian newspapers in 1980, backed by certain people in the Norwegian press, under the headlines of Disco Is Dead! A lot of people took that literally, some clubs were shut down, and some DJ's quit because they genuinely believed that Disco was indeed dead.

So was that the end of clubbing and DJ'ing in Norway?
No, it was just the beginning.


Tor Øveland 13.08.2013